I’ve stolen some of Cindy’s  exclamation marks  (she tends to hoard them), and they shall be used liberally throughout today’s post!   The week has been full of changes and adjustments. I’m not sure if we’ll settle into this routine and mosey on our happy way, or if more changes are on the horizon.  Either way, it’s Friday and we can hide out at home this weekend!!!  I spent several hours during the evenings this week warping up a new project. 

This isn’t the best picture. The colors don’t show up at all. There are about 3 yards warped up in every shade of green, worsted weight wool I could find in my stash. My plans are to make a few shuttle passes here and there in the evenings, thus, eventually using up all of my green scraps.  The kitties are too interested in the project for comfort. Bits of cat hair are sure to adorn the weaving, along with kitty saliva, tooth marks, etc. before it’s over.  Covering the loom, etc. isn’t plausible, nor is shutting it in another room.  Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! Cheers!!!



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3 responses to “Friday!!!!

  1. Roxie

    Everything is better with a kitty! A little cat spit improves any fiber project, and no outfit is complete without some cat hair.

    Best of luck with the change-up. And happy scrap weaving!!

  2. Christy

    Check the web for pet deterant sprays – I’m pretty sure there’s something you can spray the area with that won’t run everyone in the house out 🙂

  3. What about a garbage bag? Esau Marie hates the rustling sound, but then she is a bit mental. I do think it’s pretty. Have a wonderful weekend, dear, and use all those exclamation marks up. You know how we both are about waste.

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