A Balanced Ten On Tuesday

 1. Great:  A2 LOVES archery! Hopefully this is something that she can continue to pursue.

2. Not-so-great: Among my new tasks at work is moving a student in a motorized wheelchair using a very touchy joystick.  Yesterday, while trying to discretely leave the classroom, I caught the foot rest of the wheelchair on a multi-level stack of metal shelving used to house backpacks and coats. In an attempt to gently pry it free I inadvertantly destroyed the shelves, which sent students’ personal belongings everywhere and I succeeded in disrupting the entire class. This, in turn, made the student in the chair laugh hysterically.

3. Great:  A1’s cheer team performed awesome basket tosses and other stunts at last night game and the J.V. football team from our school won too!

4. Not-so-great: The new work schedule has our whole family exhausted from the changes.  In turn, none of us are feeling all that peachy.

5. Great: I was able to talk the pharmacy into selling me the 3-gallon Sharps container instead of the 1/2 gallon size.  This means fewer trips to the transfer station for bio-hazard disposal.  It’s a bit of a drive.  The clerks were quite reluctant and for years they insisted that the smaller versions were really more convenient. I’d rather lug a heavy container there once a year than have to make multiple trips to drop off their smaller counterparts.


6. Not-so-Great: Yesterday I had my DH take the kids and arranged for him to pick up dinner for the cheerleaders so I could go to a long-awaited dental appointment.  When I got there I discovered that back in early September my appointment had been changed from October to November.  When the receptionist relayed the story something in my memory “clicked” and a vague recollection surfaced of receiving a phone message regarding the change.  The change never made  it to my calendar. Doh!

7. Great: A1 found a Halloween costume at the Goodwill Store.  It’s really heavy and well-made. The stamped labels inside on the lining say that it came from the Portland Opera Company and it has the names of the performers who wore it, along with their individual alteration notes and dates.  There is a lot of extra material inside so we’ll be able to drop the hemline and alter it to fit A1 for her school’s Halloween dance. I wonder what plays/operas it was used for.


8. Not-so-Great: There has been a disproportionate level of kitty road-kill in our area.  Finding dead critters on the highways is always disturbing, but seeing people’s pets really bothers me.  So much so, in fact, that I keep disposable gloves in my van and when I see a cat or dog on the road I pull over and move their bodies to the shoulder so they don’t continue to be flattened and mangled before the owners find them.  This habit embarrasses my family.  They say that people always assume that we were the ones who ran over the animals when I do that.  I don’t care what people think though.

9. Great: The days have been perfectly crisp, clear and cold.  We’ve enjoyed gorgeous sunrises, spectacular sunsets and clear, blue skies.

10. Not-so-great:  I work all day long inside a classroom that has no windows or skylights. I only catch glimpses of the beautiful autumn days while attempting to navigate students from one place to another.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday, and may it be off-balance with a majority of great things!


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6 responses to “A Balanced Ten On Tuesday

  1. Karen

    You’re a wonderful humanitarian and pet-lover. You are awesome! Hugs!

    • tk

      Love the costume! Is there any way for you to find out where it was worn?

      You are great–miss you!

      • Hey Traci, I inspected the label a little better and was able to read that it was worn in “Falstaff” by someone in the women’s chorus. It was also used By the Bureau of Parks, with the names Kay Morgan, Dorothy LaDu and Bernice Mangold under that. We’ve been running with our hair on fire here, without time to scarcely draw breath. Hope all is well you and your kids.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Hooray for 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. As for the road kill? You have a big heart, kiddo. And, children/teens are very easily embarrassed. It always breaks my heart when I see them, too. And, the exhaustion, sickly and stressed parts? I think that goes with gainful employment these days.

  3. Roxie

    Change is exhausting. It’s like trying to get your balance on a moving floor. Everyone will get used to it, but the transition is wearing.

    The costume is flippin’ awesome!! How are you going to accesorize it? Must. Have. Pictures.

    Your young amazon rocks! What a teriffic skill to learn. I envy her.

    I’m sorry the wheelchair was such a hassle, but the collapsing shelf system must have been a riot! Glad your invalid student laughed.

  4. 1. the rabbits [wild] round here get myxamatosis each year so doggy walks include mepicking up the poor dead bunnies and hoiking them into the hedge partly so Hattie et al don’t try munching them.
    2 I am feeding the neighbours elderly cat while they are away and I fear he is about to turn up his toes before they return next week. Oh dear.

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