WTF Wednesday, Facebook Edition

Some time ago my eldest daughter’s “friend” decided to “friend” me on Facebook. I refer to him as “friend” because my daughter is 14 and she’s not allowed to date yet.  I can’t prevent them from seeing each other at school or texting though. What’s a mom to do?  Anyway, I accepted his offer. For all intents and purposes he seems like a nice, respectable young man. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the workings of Facebook, any time that you join a conversation you are automatically sent an email showing all comments made by others for that particular entry.  Last week the following on-line conversation took place.  The names have been removed and individuals are color-coded so it’s easier to follow the conversation.

A1’s “friend”:  I hate it when people post comments that no one knows what you’re talking about.

Me: What?

Friend 1 of “friend”: I don’t get it

A1’s “friend”: when people randomly say half a comment that’s like an inside joke.

Friend 2 of “Friend”: Have you dipped the ice cream in  A1’s chocolate fundge yet? If you catch my drift… 😉

A1’s “friend”:  No. Her mom was commenting on this you idiot.

Friend 1 of “friend”: I like turtles

 Cricket, cricket… 
I’m guessing that A1’s “friend” is totally re-thinking his decision to send a request my way.  Maybe if he’d had the following product then it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday, Facebook Edition

  1. Hence our worries that the kids are not really paying attention to all of this news of posting stupid stuff on the internet that stays forever, sheesh! My daughter has a YouTube channel but I won’t let her post any of her own stuff yet, she just gets to favorite things, but it still makes me nervous and I go through the rules with her pretty often. Too young for Facebook, thank goodness!

  2. Wow! Just think of all the fun I’ve missed by not having kids…

    You moms are a tougher group than I could ever be. I’d be hunting Friend 2 down and letting him know that my daughter was a young lady and that that sort of talk will not be uttered against her. Then, I’d be thrown in jail for threatening a juvenile. See? You’re better at this than I would be. 😉

  3. Roxie

    I like turtles, too.

    Is it a credit card add where the young fellow is standing on the front porch, leaning against the door frame, trying to get his date to finish the evening with a blow job? Then her sister flings open the door and says, “Dad says to give him the blow job. Or I can do it. Or dad will do it. Whatever it takes to get his hand off the intercom button!”

  4. One thing my sister, a mom of four boys, learned is that kids have TWO accounts. One for PRIVATE things, and the other they use to friend the parents. Yeah, sis is no idiot. And the boys have no internet now!

  5. Karen O

    Ha ha ha ha!! Does Friend2 know that A1’s dad is a military man? What a doofus.

  6. Nice! Boys r dum. Srsly.


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