Here’s a random assortment of stuff and information gleaned from the past several days.

A majority of the odds and ends (okay, so almost all) leftover bits of yarn in my bins is not labeled. It’s a free-for-all of wools, cottons and wool-blends.  Once a major project (to include hats and mittens) is completed I usually send the label on with the finished item so the recipient will have care instructions.  Dumb move, that not labeling part.  When I warped my loom last time I must have grabbed some superwash or a blend because most everything felted nicely (I wanted a light felting for thickness), but one repeat of warp strands remained stubbornly un-shrunk.  The result was this…

I’ve decided that I’m going to sell my Goodwood Slant Loom because weaving is just not my forte’.  I greatly admire beautifully handwoven works, but mine fall so short of even being utilitarian, let alone pretty, that I’m always disappointed in the results and feel guilty for wasting the time and materials.   The time issue is big.  My DH doesn’t say much, but I know that seeing housework undone while I while away time doing other things drives him crazy.  If I could produce something useful then at least the time spent could be justified (at least in my mind).

Steve is now as big as Bonny!  He continues to assert his dominance over Roxanna, who couldn’t care less.  He works hard to subdue Bonny, but she’s not about to be bossed around by some young nincompoop, regardless of his size.  She loves to nap under my rocking chair. Here he is working unsuccessfully on intimidation tactics with Bonny.

A2 and A3 carved pumpkins this past weekend.  They’re both so old now that we didn’t even have to supervise with the cutting.  Of course, using the little saws provided in the kits eliminates most of the worry we had when we used actual knives.

The girls’ Halloween costumes are pretty much ready.  A3 is going as a goth angel (black wings, spiked, leather jewelry, dark clothes), A2 will be Cleopatra and A1 is going to be wearing the dress we re-styled for her (see earlier post for details).

We continue to adapt and settle in with work and our new schedules.  Monday was the final JV football game.

A1 cheered at that, while simultaneously, A2 attended a Harry Potter movie party at her school and A3 began an after school program called Mad Science.  My DH and I juggled kids throughout the eveing. I was able to stay until midway through the movie with A2 (I fell asleep in the corner while the lights were off).  Another mom then offered to drive her home after the movie, so I was able to dart over and catch the last quarter of the football game.  When I arrived at the game my DH took A3 home so she would warm up and get to bed. It rained at the game and she had a stomach ache.

Yesterday at work I was tracked down by a lady who floats between my old school and my new one.  She gave me this delightful lunch box that another co-worker and friend had made for me the night before.  Asha, the friend and designer of the lunch box whips out her duct tape creations with amazing speed and style.


Who knew that duct tape came in such a variety of colors!  This box is purple and turquoise, with a coordinating hot pink water bottle.

It’s roomy enough to hold even my lard-arsed sized lunches and the water bottle strap perfectly holds my prized Diet Coke in place.

A while back she made this delightful clutch for A1 to carry with her for Homecoming too.  It features an inside pocket for holding ID or credit cards and she even found a way to put a zipper in the top!

Asha recently opened an Etsy store to sell her designs (she sews too).  If you’re interested in what she makes then go check her out here.

On that happy note, I bid you all adieu and happy Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Hodge-Podge

  1. Roxie

    That lunch bag totally rocks! Totally! What a clever woman she is.

    Now that JV football is over, will A1 be picking up another after-school activity, or will things slow down a bit?

  2. sue

    have you, by any chance, a set if instructions for the slant loom? I would like to teach my grandchild to use it. thanks, sue

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