WTF Wednesday

WARNING: This version of WTF Wednesday is a little “darker” than normal and may does contain offensive material.

 WTF Wednesday Politics: I’ve made no secret of the fact that I detest politics.  Regardless of which major party is in control of the Senate or who wins elections, the results are always the same. Average/middle class people are taxed in new and creative ways (bring on the KY), with the only difference being which undeserving group benefits from the money.  Another given is that those elected, be it for a local office, or to head a world-wide organization, succumb to the power of their position.  

Last year Barbara Boxer interrupted a General who was speaking because she didn’t like the way he addressed her. The incident was reminiscent of Judge Judy chastising a street thug in her televised courtroom. 

In a more recent event Melissa Bean asserted herself at the beginning of a debate by insisting that because the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t on the agenda that it shouldn’t be said. After audience members rose and said in an impromptu Pledge of Allegiance she said that she felt, “Disrespected.”. 


And in a local forum Vancouver City Council member Jeanne Harris’ outburst at a speaker garnered her unwanted YouTube notoriety.


It really is coincidence that these examples just happen to be women. Lord knows their male counterparts are no better at keeping their egos in check. I found this spoof of the Barbara Boxer incident both funny, and truthfully, a little scary. Expectations and sense of entitlement by and large need deflating in our society.

That is all, except, “Gavel down!”

WTF Homefront: My DH decided to join Facebook last week.  This was his initial posting there, explaining why he wanted to sign up:        Yeah, Ok, so I’m quite possibly the last person in America of age to get on Face Book. I have resisted it forever, and still don’t have any real genuine interest in it. I’ve never been the kind that thought I needed to know about other’s business. I’m sure that others think I’m a bit aloof or anti-social (although that’s not their word of choice – ahem). Really that’s not the case.  I’ll talk to anyone – just ask Heide about me talking to the street bum calling the Seattle Police “Communists” (He was wrong, of course, and I had a professional obligation to tell him they were “Fascists” not “Communists”).  My reasons are more philosophical and have to do with personal liberties, but I’m not going to go into that now. Anyway, I did decide to do it because if I have any hope of actually communicating with my children, and connecting with them on any level, then I better have FB (or some other social networking stuff), and I better text (heaven forbid a phone should be used for talking).  Besides, I need to dispel the myth that I’m anti-social and/or aloof. It’s totally not true! Misanthropic -maybe, but not anti-social.

Not bad reasoning and I especially love the last line.  What I DON’T love are the pictures, etc. that he’s decided to post.  Here’s my “favorite”…

“Blood” and “Scorpion” are two of his World of Warcraft friends.  The picture was taken many years ago at our home in Spanaway and my wonderful DH told everyone that I’m responsible for its content.  This is so not true! Good thing he doesn’t have a lot of friends there, and few of those would believe his assertations. After all, I am a lady!

WTF Shopping: For several months I’ve been on the hunt for new living room furniture.  By “new” I mean furniture that is new to us.  The reasons for it taking so long are that I’m quite particular about what I want to get.  It can’t be leather because we have kitties and I use sharp knitting needles.  It can’t be white or light colored… in fact, a multi-colored, patterned fabric upholstery that hides dirt would be preferable. It has to seat lots of people because we need to accommodate lots of butts. It needs to be squishy and comfortable for naps, so nothing too sleek or modern.  And finally, it has to be cheap. Checking Craigslist has become as much a part of my morning routine as drinking coffee.  Several days ago this ad appeared that left me speechless and completely re-thinking my shopping strategy.

We are giving away a BEAUTIFUL green couch with floral print, and need to move it out it fast!!!! It was hardly used, but   my boyfriend came down with an unfortunate case of pubic lice and have been unable to get these little critters out of the couch. :-/ We thought we had this licked several times but they keep coming back, its like the couch is haunted by the souls of the fallen crabs. If you should know the right way to get these bugs out of fabric its yours!!!! RAID maybe??? we have other items that we should get rid of too, a bed, towels and other linen items. But don’t worry those items have been properly sterilized!!!!

Let us know ASAP…cuz if I don’t get rid of this couch I’m purging the boyfriend!

  • Location: Clark College
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

The ad came complete with pictures of both the couch and the boyfriend scratching himself.  I may just wait until we can afford to buy something new.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday. Cheers!




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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. DH

    Correction! Those are not two of my WoW associates. They are two Enemy Territory associates back when I was part of a First Person Shooter gaming clan. Now, pour some geek on that!

  2. Wow, (DH) sure told you in the above comment! (That’s so NOT anti-social behavior. And, believe me, I know anti-social..)
    As for the audience members rising and saying an impromptu Pledge of Allegiance, good for them! How can an AMERICAN say that they felt “Disrespected.” The audience members were the ones being disrespected! Spank on, Barbi!

  3. Roxie

    But it looks like the dollies are engaged in some profoundly social role-playing. Clearly DH is NOT anti-social. And I do love a sojer who can spell misanthropic.

    What with the big bed-bug epidemic, I would be reluctant to even accept a floor-sample sofa. I do appreciate the truth in advertising, though.

  4. Karen O

    Not anti-social, eh? Sure. He’s a lot of fun when he’s not wearing a headset. 🙂
    Sharon has a lovely green couch and matching love seat dating from about 1958 that is free if you haul it. Despite its age, it’s in reasonably good shape. A nice, white slip cover and you’d have a crab-free living room set. I’d have to give them a test-sit-and-knit to let you know whether or not they’re comfy enough.

  5. Karen O

    PS – I caught the Lars Larsen interview the next day which is linked to the video at the very end. Awesome.

  6. knitwonpurltoo

    Rant away. You were dead on about everything. Who would want that green couch?????

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