Happy Halloween!

Having Halloween fall on a school night some how feels like being cheated.  Sure, we carved pumpkins, decorated (half-assed) and took the girls trick-or-treating, but even the “cool” neighborhood’s displays (about 10 miles away from us) lacked spirit compared to previous years. 

Cleopatra, Zombie Cheerleader,  and a Dark Angel

A1 decided not to wear the costume that we bought and I altered for her last weekend. I hate sewing! Some how, some way, she will wear that costume. A1 didn’t go house to house for candy with us either, but instead chose to meet up with some friends and walk around with them in a gaggle. We ran into them occasionally while we were escorting A2 and A3 on their candy collecting. We pretended not to know one another.  Dang, in a few years none of the girls will want to go with us!

A convincing zombie popped up out of a man hole and waved a cleaver at passers by.  My girls decided he needed nourishment so they shared chips and candy with him.

Only a few houses went all out with haunted garages, smoke machines, power tools, etc. Last year it was like visiting Halloween Town.  The efforts of those few were greatly appreciated though. They made me feel guilty about the shabby bowl of candy with the “Take One” sign on our own doorstep.

We were back home by 8:45 and the evening was pretty uneventful all in all. 

Earlier in the day I tried dyeing a sweater black, with terrible results.  Not only did I drop a container full of Procion dye that bounced off the stove, drenching me and the kitchen, but the sweater ended up merely turning darker green instead of the desired black.  Heck even gray would have been acceptable. As it is I’m going to work tomorrow with black hands, arms and various body parts dotted with dye splatters with only this as the result.

 Roxie is being very cute as she tries to entice me to go lay down so she can go to bed too. I don’t want to disappoint her. Cheers!



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Karen O

    I noticed that there was far less festivity than last year, and I also assumed it was due to it being a Sunday night. All the trick or treating was wrapped up before 9 pm…gotta get to bed early for school! Nov. 1st should be a day off! I left a bowl that said, “Take two” but forgot to leave the front porch light on, so very little of it was taken. We were back by 7:30 from our tour of the neighborhood, so we got rid of handfuls over the next hour.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I had a whopping 15 last night. Very very disappointing.

  3. Roxie

    Love the costumes! What did you wear? The manhole zombie would have scared the pee out of me. For a school night, you had a great turnout.

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