Knitting and Spinning and Dancing!

Hey there! We’re all still around, but life has been messy (to say the least) so the blog has been sorely neglected.  I can’t discuss the gory particulars here.   Instead, here’s a sample of what I’ve been doing in the fiber department.

I finished the formerly pea-green sweater.  It fits okay and is warm and comfortable, but the color isn’t very even.  A1 and A2 both like it though so hopefully it will get lots of wear in spite of its faults.


A2 had just stepped out of the shower when I snagged her for the pictures, so her hair is still wet.

 On the spinning front I treadled over 4,000 feet of singles then plied them this past week.  I now have a total of over 4,000 feet of two-ply yarn and more than half of the roving left to spin.


My calves have had quite the workout, but I need to design some way to make a butt treadler so I can work off  the spread that’s accompanying my more sedentary job.

My DH’s socks have been completely neglected lately because I need to have him try it on to check the length before I start the heel flap. 

Some of the handspun purchased last month is on its merry way to becoming a beret.  The color is a fabulous moss-green and there’s just a little mohair in the blend so it should bloom nicely to make a nice warm winter hat.

Elsewhere, Juji and Sasha may be leaving us soon to go live in a more bird-friendly home.  They don’t want for attention, unfortunately, most of that comes from Roxanna and Steven.  They tag-team terrorizing the little critters.  When the birds least expect it one or the other of them takes a flying leap and either hangs on the side of the cage or decides to sit their fuzzy rump on top of the cage and stare at the birds.  My DH has a friend who raises birds and he’s interested in taking them. Our only request is that the birds stay together.  They really love one another.  Who knows, maybe the new owner will be brave enough to give them a nesting box.

The girls have been cut back to one extra-curricular activity each.  I was overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the three of them, work, the house, etc.  To be honest, I noticed A1 starting to get a bit frazzled too.

We picked up the “Just Dance II” for our Wii.  It’s been fun and the whole family is getting into it.  I’m far and away the worse, with no sense of rhythm and two left feet.  During my turns I often check over my shoulder to make sure A1 isn’t recording me on her cell phone. I’d hate to end up viral on YouTube. Having an inside activity to keep us all entertained is great because it’s dark, cold and rainy outside. Cheers all!



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2 responses to “Knitting and Spinning and Dancing!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    It’s good to hear from you. You are so busy!! And I’m glad you have an indoor activity if the weather is that dismal!!!

  2. Roxie

    Just Dance sounds like a treat! And if you do wind up on a u-tube video, imagine the groundswell of parental support you’ll get. Spin on!

    The formerly pea-green sweater looks great. Very warm and stylin.

    Hugs, love and heartfelt encouragement!

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