WTF Wednesday

This Wednesday’s offerings are more like mild “wows” than actual WTFs; however, Mildly Wow Wednesday just doesn’t sound or look right.

WTF Medical:  This is an interesting article. The theory is that childhood exposure to strep diseases, such as strep throat and Scarlet Fever, may trigger autism, Tourette’s and OCD in children.  I’d never heard of the idea of classifying autism as an auto-immune disease before.  Personally, I think that this may be a factor for some cases, but just as there are different forms and degrees of autism, to link all of them to one cause is a bit of a stretch.  I’m curious to see what comes of this research though and if even a few people can be helped in any way then it’s a good thing. 

WTF Growing Up:  My kids are growing up way too fast.  This is a picture of A1 before her choir concert last night.

She looks way older than 14. It seems like only yesterday that she looked like this.

A2 and A3 are right behind her in the growing and changing department.  I can’t even tell all of their clothes apart any more. Except for underwear, and that’s just because I took a Sharpie and labeled them “A1”, “A2” and “A3”.  All three are equally peeved at me right now because I cut them down to one extra-curricular activity each. My hat’s off to those Wonder Parents out there who manage to juggle multiple children in multiple activities because my butt is officially whooped. 

WTF Knitting:  I down loaded a couple of more patterns that I really, really want to cast on immediately. The most beguiling is the Holden Shawlette. The pattern is free on Ravelry.  Yes, I know I have some UFOs, and yes, I still have a job. Sigh. There are only 38 days until Christmas and I have NOTHING knitted yet. I’d panic if I had the energy.

WTF Video:  I don’t think this video  is funny.  The cat could have easily been hurt or killed while people stood by and one person recorded the incident.   On the other hand, this picture is amusing.

 I love the Cheezburger sites!

Happy Wednesday everyone!




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3 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Roxie

    The cheezeburger site is a must visit for me. third after the pink ribbon site and, on Mon, Wed, and Fri, Girl Genius. then it’s Blog time!

    Even an alert and attentive parent such as yourself occasionally gets blindsided by how FAST the kids are growing. But you have only yourself to blame for passing on those ageless-beauty genes. You and A-1 looklike sisters.

    The girls may SAY they’re pouty about not getting to do everything all the time, but I bet there’s a certain relief in having a mom who isn’t torn in 18 different directions every minute of the day. And kids need a certain ammount of unstructured time just to process that growing-up stuff. Stick to your guns. One extra curricular thing each is sufficient.

    Easy for me to say. I have no kids and lots of theories. But I also have lots of faith in your skillz and instincts.

    Batten down the hatches. Looks like it’s going to be a windy week!

  2. Kelly Zehr

    I have a friend of a friend (actually my sister in law’s friend) who has two kids who have the strep induced OCD thing. I believe that it is called PANDAS. I can’t remember what it means right now but they have to take antibiotics all the time to keep the OCD from being too bad. The little boy has it really bad too.

  3. Love that last supper pic!

    oh just wait until you hear about what Dobby did – it’s making me feel ANCIENT…

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