Sunday Slush

The title sounds like a delightful brunch beverage, but alas, it merely describes the state of today’s precipitation.  For our region this is early in the season to have snow, it usually doesn’t get this cold until late December or early January.  The  two younger girls wasted no time heading out to play.  A3 wore her new hat.  I haven’t blocked it yet, so it looked more like a green blob than a beret.  The cabled ribbing doesn’t show up very well yet either, but at least her head was warm.

My DH and I enjoyed seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I yesterday.  I’d read complaints from critics that it was slow, especially in the middle.  I disagree.  There isn’t as much “action” in the book during this part of the story, so of course the movie wouldn’t be full of battle scenes.  And there isn’t much in the way of comic relief either. As with any book made into a movie, there were changes to the story, but that’s to be expected.  My only real issues (no spoilers) were petty. One was that I thought the house elves looked completely creepy. My DH said he thought they looked exactly the same.  They weren’t. 

 File:Dobby Cos.jpg   DobbyDH.png

Old Dobby                                                 New Dobby

At least the movie wasn’t too loud.  In recent years I’ve had a hard time watching movies in theaters because the sound effects are so loud that they hurt my ears.   As I was telling Roxie last week, anyone with extra money to invest might want to consider buying Miracle Ear stock.  In another decade everyone driving around in those cars with the loud speakers, etc. is going to need a hearing aid.

A3 is feeling a little bit better, but I’m taking her to a pediatrician tomorrow to discuss her general health.  She’s not going to enjoy the visit because I’m requesting a blood draw and some specific tests.  Her dad’s side of the family has a history of Spherocytosis and I want her checked for that, anemia and to see what her white cell count is.  She’s sick way too often.

A1 starts up cheerleading practice again tomorrow night.  Thankfully the girls will wear the same uniforms for basketball games that they wore for football games.

A2 helped me sort out toys from the attic this morning.  We have too much stuff and it needs to go.  Now.  We managed to get a huge pile of the girls’ Fisher Price Little People and LeapPad books, etc. out on eBay. Play food, Barbies, horses, My Little Ponies, etc. will get their turn on the auction block soon too.  And, if there are any takers, then hopefully we’ll finally unload the enormous stack of collector’s plates that have moved with us over the decades.  My late MIL liked to shop and she thought I needed to collect Disney paraphernalia.  I’ve  ditched the idea of building my own spinning wheel.  If anyone wants the pvc frame, bicycle wheel and the other various parts I started collecting, then they are welcome to it all.  I have a mat cutter and some other unused items to get rid of too.  How does everything accumulate so quickly?

On a lighter note, all of the aprons that I sewed this summer sold at a craft fair that my sister took them to!  If there weren’t piles of toys, etc. stacked up in the dining room then I’d pull out my sewing and make some more.  We’ve crossed our fingers that the slush from today doesn’t freeze into an undrivable ice rink by morning.  Cheers!




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5 responses to “Sunday Slush

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Love A3’s new hat. Looks great on her. I agree with you about the new movie and the house elves. Weird, huh? And, good luck with Ebay. Hope you make some good cash!!

  2. Roxie

    We’re really in the banana belt here. There wasn’t even frost on the car windows this morning.

    Good luck with e-bay! Yay for you.

    How much do you want for the mat cutter?

    Love the new hat!

  3. Karen O

    I echo the above comments: the hat looks adorable on A3! Emma picked a similar hat up at Target for Halloween for her “costume” (she was a Japanese anime character…a human one…so she looked like she wasn’t wearing a costume). We had a dusting of snow that all melted. We’re expecting more today. The girls are out of school this week, but not poor Ben! I need to do some clearing-out, too.

  4. Love the hat!!! I need to knit one just like it , same color for Graham’s fiance’. We got 4″ of snow over night and more coming down now.

  5. Have to agree with the Harry Potter, I liked it, but was a bit confused in the different look of the house elves. Thought at first I was misremembering what they looked like, but yes, they are just different enough to be noticeable.

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