On Bonding and Grumpiness

Quality male bonding time between Steve and my DH.

This is one of those times where you seriously want to follow the directions on the shampoo bottle and “repeat” come shower time.

*A2 is angry at the universe this morning .  It seems that just about every other school in the greater Portland area is either closed or running two hours late because of icy roads, but ours remains open and on schedule.  Of course this is my fault.  Honestly, it isn’t even that cold out, it’s only in the upper 20’s and lower 30’s (Farenheit). However, it is the week of Thanksgiving and lots of people want an extra long holiday.  Yesterday my cousin, Helena, sent me this picture taken of the sea near her home in Finland.

For moving salt water to freeze the temperatures have to drop off the comfort charts in a big way.  It’s a gorgeous picture though.

Only two days until turkey with Grandma! Cheers!

*We just received an automated phone call that school is closed.  I sent the grumpy one back to bed.


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7 responses to “On Bonding and Grumpiness

  1. Yay for sending the Grumpy one back to bed, and for head-licks, even if it fees like sandpaper. (This I know from experience.)
    Oh, and I can’t believe it’s the wintery out your way already.

    • My DH complained loudly that Steve’s tongue hurt, but he never made an effort to move away from the grooming session. It’s about 25 here right now, but it’s supposed to warm up again tomorrow.

  2. DH

    It’s all part of a hair restoration process that I learned about on Al Gore’s innernets.

  3. Roxie

    Did you see the LOL cat – “I has a cup of coffee and a grumpy. guess which I’m gonna share with you.”

    Clearly DH needs more “product” for his coiffure. Steve is just helping with the grooming.

    Hooray for school closures! And if they open on Wednesday, the kids will all be mentally absent so they may as well just show them movies or have them make clay bunnies and hand-print turkeys or something. Over the river and through the woods, drive safe, y’hear?

    • I think my Dh would say that he just needs more hair for his coiffure. I love that ICHC picture! We have Wednesday scheduled off from school already, so it’s going to be a really long break. We will drive slow and safe. Hope you have a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh dear, we always reckon over here that we will get your weather soon. Don’t know if that is possible, but snow is rumoured for Thursday. However although we know it is coming we are never ready, constantly run out of salt for the roads and everything grinds to a bad tempered halt. Well except for the kids if school is closed.
    But we have thoughts of a Royal wedding to keep us warm!! or not.

  5. Karen O

    Going to stay inside today. Kelly was crazy enough to drive to work. I need to do some laundry and general tidying up before the holiday weekend. Hope you have a great snow day and Thanksgiving!

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