WTF Wednesday, Travel Edition

WTF TSA Screening: This week record numbers of travelers will board buses, planes, trains or simply drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.  We will join them, but thankfully we only have to do the driving part.  For the past week or so the news has featured irate air travelers who are more than a little upset over the new TSA screening procedures at the airports.  Most of us (there may be a few weirdos out there) don’t relish the idea of having complete strangers viewing us in all our natural-born glory as we pass through x-ray machines.  And the thought of being frisked or strip searched sounds humiliating to most of us as well.  But what most people need to keep in mind is that this is no picnic for TSA employees either.  There just isn’t enough eye-bleach to unsee some images.  Even with gloves, would you want to be the one forced to pat down sweaty, grumpy strangers? The mere thought of touching the nether regions of someone who doesn’t bathe regularly makes me throw up in my mouth.  Maybe the news should be covering this story from the screeners’ points of view.  Just sayin’.

WTF Deployment: I spent 6 years in a Combat Communications Squadron in the Air National Guard. Our mission was to transport and set up mobile communications (phone lines, computer networks and radio comm) in remote regions to support flying squadrons and troops.  Not only did we have to pack up mountains of electronic equipment, but we had to bring tents, camo, trucks, humvees, weapons (not many), medical supplies, chemical gear, personal gear, supplies, cooks, food, etc.  When all was said and done we filled up a huge cargo plane with pallets.  Surprisingly, it only took several days to pack, complete paperwork and be ready to deploy over 100 people for months on end.  So, theoretically, packing up a family of 5 people for a three day trip several hours’ drive away should only take a few minutes.  It takes several days… and we still always leave something at home.

Here are my essentials.  They include, medicine, diet coke, my pillow (I can’t sleep without it) my camera bag with batteries, phone, phone charger, wallet, Knitting and LifeSavers to keep the girls quiet. The latter is a tradition for the drive to my parents’.  The girls love trying to see who can keep theirs in their mouth the longest and make it as thin as possible without breaking.

The knitting breakdown is as follows:

DH’s socks, yarn for the Holden Shawlette, A2’s Ocean Shawl and the Brandywine Shawl.  I’ve still not settled on a yarn for Holden. I’ve narrowed my selection down to two possible choices. They are Autumn inspired hand dyed on the left or the Zauberball on the right.


Please tell me what you think. 

Clothes and toiletries will be packed soon for myself,  and then I need to start on the girls’ and my DH’s stuff. After the packing I need to make sure that the kitties, birds (they’re still with us), house plants, outside faucets, windows, doors, etc. are all taken care of. Out-going garbage and in-coming mail present some problems while we’re away. We’re expecting some packages and I really don’t want them strewn on our front porch until we return.  I may try to find a neighbor whom we’ve not offended and ask them to pick any packages up for us.

WTF Over-Zealous: Yesterday I made a hat for my oldest daughter’s friend.  It’s made in our home town school colors, as suggested by said friend, when I mentioned that I wanted to make a hat.

This morning my eldest informed me that the friend never actually said that he wanted a hat, he merely suggested colors.  She also said that said friend would also be too polite to refuse the hat.  It seems that I am too pushy when it comes to knitting. I’m running out of victims willing recipients for my wares, so maybe it’s time to down size my project list.  Perhaps I’ll just start bringing FOs with me on these long trips so I can pass them out randomly to people we see along the way.

Hope everyone here in the US has a fabulous Thanksgiving, and I hope friends from other places enjoy the best of days too. Cheers!



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5 responses to “WTF Wednesday, Travel Edition

  1. DH

    Te, he, he. My essentials only includes one pair of underpants that’ll last me 4 days. Oh, and I’m the sweaty grumpy fat guy.

  2. Hope you don’t expect me to do any body cavity searches if you’re not going to change while we’re away.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Thanksgiving girl and have a safe trip!!!!

  4. Carmen Lane

    Drive safe, H! Hope you have a wonderful time. Hugs for you, kidlets, your DH, and super big hugs for your folks. I love your family!

  5. Roxie

    And I betcha if you could take a cargo plane to Grandma’s it would make packing a lot faster. Remember, if you do forget something, there ARE stores in the wilds of western Washington.

    Love the life-saver competition. Great idea!

    I think, considering the weather we have been having lately, you will have no trouble finding a home for the hat.

    If you make the shawlette with the Zauerball, it will make long stripes that will distract from the gorgeous lacework. The brown is not so much your color, but it will make a prettier finished piece. I SO admire you for going for the lace!!

    And I love your knitting case. Awesome organization!

    Hugs to DH. If he goes through with the one-set-of-undies threat, make him ride on the roof on the trip back. (No toothbrush?)

    One of my friends was going on about the gross invasion of privacy the searches occasioned. I remarked that I was hoping I could talk them into patting me down twice. Her husband nearly wet himself trying not to guffaw.

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