Thanksgiving Visit

On Wednesday afternoon I had a throbbing headache that was threatening to turn into a migraine, so my DH called my parents and told them that we were postponing our drive out until Thursday morning. I went to bed with an ice pack and Advil. Several hours later the pounding subsided to a mere annoyance. Of course the girls were disappointed that we weren’t going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, so we decided to take them to the book store.  As often is the case, our family splits up and wanders around, (except for my younger girls, who have to stay with one of the adults) each of us lost in his or her own world.  We have random meetings every now and again to make sure that everyone is still safe. During one of my checks I came around a corner and discovered all of my girls reading quietly together. They weren’t fighting, talking on a phone, running amok or whining for anything. I was astonished.  Carefully, so not to disturb them, I sneaked out my camera and took a picture. Of course, the flash immediately shattered the magical moment by snapping their attention back to the here and now.

But finding them together like this gives me hope that someday they’ll all be friends and truly enjoy each others’ company.  Everyone left with a new book for the morning trip.

When we got there my mom surprised me with an awesome knitting book that she picked up at the annual Sons of Norway Lutefisk Festival. It’s called, “Norwegian Handknits” and not only does it contain beautiful patterns, but it explores the history behind the patterns and the people who made originally made them. The photography is beautiful and there are quite a few historical pictures included as well.

The surprises didn’t end there though. My Aunt Kathy had been up to my mom and dad’s the week prior and she delivered a little yarn she’d picked up.  Holy cow it’s a big pile. I brought some home with me, but our van was packed pretty full with people and other stuff so most of it stayed there. My mom has brought out her own needles and is whipping up hats left and right.

Speaking of my mom… she’d taken a nasty spill the night before.  The incident involved Sadie Mae (her pooch) and a meatball. My mom had somehow ended up the worse for it all and when we arrived she was hobbling around on crutches.  Luckily, most of the food was already prepared.  While we visited one of the girls ran in with a hummingbird who had hit the window.  Everyone held him for a few minutes before we put him out in a tree near the house. He flew away soon after… which is a good thing considering that one of his over-grown cousins was the guest of honor at dinner.  It could have turned awkward.

Grandpa Porgy and Great Aunty Ruth showed up for the early meal.  Grandpa just keeps getting shorter and shorter all of the time.  He gets around using a big stick of driftwood that he found.  When asked about it he’ll tell people that he uses it to beat the women away from him.  He’ll turn 90 on the 30th of this month.  Aunty Ruth told us that she’s decided to sell her house and move to Arizona.  We’ll all miss her, but everyone understands her reasons for wanting to move. Her daughter lives in Arizona and she’s tired of taking care of the house, yard, etc. here by herself.

A3 and Grandpa Dave designed and made a working wooden paddle boat.  A3 wants to be an architect or an engineer someday. She’s always drawing plans for different creations and then making mock ups with her Erector set, Legos and Lincoln Logs.  Grandpa Dave is her buddy because he has a complete work shop and he can build anything under the sun.

Later that evening my sister, Jackie, and my BIL, Mike, came out and joined us for dessert. My brother had to work, so he and his family couldn’t make it.  The visit went way too fast and before we knew it, it was time to come home again.  Mom and Dad fixed us up with loads of fresh cranberries.  We’re going to share these with some friends and then stash a bunch in the freezer for baking.

While there I cast on the Holden Shawlette in the hand dyed. I hope to finish it up tomorrow. Cheers!



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6 responses to “Thanksgiving Visit

  1. Aw, bookstore bonding, that’s so cute. And I love the little stuffed animal on the floor, the books being more important.

  2. How wonderful you caught that bookstore bonding on camera, so you’ll know you didn’t imagine it. 🙂 Hope your mom heals fast!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Neat pic of the girls. BTW, they will become great friends, eventually. I’m sorry about your Mom’s fall. Hope she heals quickly. A hummingbird? I’m floored. Ours have been gone since late September. Hugs!!!

  4. Roxie

    You take the most awesome, evocative pictures! Three sisters reading together. You might want to frame that and hang it in the living room to remind them that it is possible to coexist. You’ll all survive the teen years. (There may be times when you won’t want to, but those will pass.) And then they’ll have decades of good memories to share and create together.

    The hummingbird cradled in the hands of a girl is so tender and touching. Lucky little bird. He can be thankful there wasn’t a cat handy when he hit the window.

  5. Gillian Margaret Campbell

    Hello Heide, I’ve been a bit busy so I’ve just been glossing through my blogging friends, but that little birdie caught my eye and I’m amazed by it.
    It is snow covered here and early for it and we have been told to expect it for a couple of weeks.
    We don’t have anything like Thanksgiving over here. We are all busy getting ready for xmas. Hope all your family continue to do as well as they can.
    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Karen O

    Great picture of the girls! I hope I get a chance to check out the Norwegian book when I come visit (no, that’s not a threat–it’s a promise!!) and hope we can have some cranberries…maybe some cranberry muffins with tea… yum!

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