Weekend Arrivals

Glub, glub, gurgle… translation: The rains continue here following a brief respite. Ridiculous amounts, of warm (relatively, at 50° F), torrential rains have turned everything into a muddy, gooey, floody mess over the past few days.  Should the winds shift and come from the north again, then we’ll know that winter is back. My DH just returned from Nashville, TN and it was colder there than it is here.  We all missed him. Even Steve couldn’t wait to welcome his “dad” back home.


While the DH was away the girls and I acted a little silly. They even convinced me to go to a shopping mall. Here are A1 and A2 posing with some familiar faces. A3 flat out refused to get near them because the two guys on either end freaked her out.

In addition to my DH’s return, the most awesome Christmas present ever showed up in the mail.  How awesome was it?  Well, waiting another two weeks before opening it wasn’t going to happen. When it arrived there was the most beautiful, hand-dyed rainbow silk ribbon closing the box. 

I wasn’t able to recreate the effect for the photograph though.  Yes, it is from the studio of the most talented man in Boston, David Taylor Daniels.  The bag and button were a complete surprise and I can’t wait to model them tomorrow with my latest knitting project.

The box contains a bright, happy rainbow of DTD’s hand-dyed yarns.  This is called “The Compass Collection” and it has over 1,100 yards of woolly goodness. The box is back under the tree for now… after all, it is technically a Christmas present. Oh, and it’s from my DH.  He was happy to hear that when he returned.


The first half of Saturday I helped judge at our high school’s speech and debate tournament.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the eloquent, vivacious young adults.  They were all so polite.  That afternoon/evening the whole family drove down to Portland. We needed to pick up craft supplies for a Christmas party that the other para-educators and I are putting on for our students.  A1 was in search of something too.

The rest of the weekend seemed to slip away unaccounted for.  The Christmas cards are almost finished. Several packages need to be topped off, sealed up and delivered to the USPS this week too.  I made a mitten, but I’m not loving the cables, so it’s destined to be frogged before bedtime. The yarn is quite lovely (with just a hint of angora) and a plain stocking net will show off the halo to its best effect.

I’m getting excited for Christmas!  We still don’t know what our plans are, but that doesn’t matter. Hope everyone has a great week. To help spread some cheer, here is one of my most favorite Christmas duets.



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6 responses to “Weekend Arrivals

  1. A rainbow of yarn to combat the rain!

  2. Ooooo, a lovely box of fibery fun. Enjoy! And keep your head above water. 🙂

  3. Roxie

    Wow, I have never seen that clip before. That was really, really neat! Der Bingle sure had a smooth set of pipes, didn’t he?

    That box of yarn is beaautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your DH did GOOD!

  4. Hey, you were supposed to wait until Christmas! (But, I’m glad you peeked, and that you like it.)

    • I absolutely detest surprises. I have to know what is in each and every package under the tree, regardless of who they’re for. Thank you again. I love the bag and pin. Still contemplating patterns for the yarn.

  5. Karen O

    A whole box of deliciousness! I wouldn’t have been able to wait either!

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