WTF Wednesday

WTF Weather: This week’s Where’s The Fiber (what did you think it stood for?) Wednesday will be short. Not only are all-pistons firing on the crazy engine everywhere else, but Roxanna keeps walking across the keyboard and sticking her backside in my face because she wants her tail scratched.   Being “winked at” by Mr. Brown eye this early in the morning makes concentrating difficult.  Sorry, I digress… Yesterday there was a Tornado in Oregon, a weather lockdown in a Vancouver school due to high winds and hail (the school was concerned about students’ safety in the portables, etc.) and the rain continues.  And while it isn’t exactly a plague of locusts, a cricket was taking refuge inside the window screen in our kitchen this morning.  We don’t see crickets here very often, especially in December. Even the frogs are awake and croaking.   Someone needs to tell mother nature that it’s almost winter in the Pacific northwest, not typhoon season in the tropics. The mixed up weather is setting everyone on edge.

WTF Sick: Poor little A1 is sick again.  She was home last week with a fever, sore throat, etc. Last night while her choir was on a bus ride down to sing at Portland Zoo Lights she threw up. My DH had to cut across town in rush hour traffic to retrieve the ailing waif. She’s been awake all night with a tummy ache.  A3 is feeling a bit warm too, but I can’t find the thermometer (I had it last week) to check her temperature.  ‘Tis the season for sharing, and for kids that means germs.  You’d be surprised at the new and inventive ways the students find to spread saliva, snot, etc.  Is it any wonder that the room I work in smells of disinfectant wipes, rather than pine or gingerbread? Each of us keeps an industrial sized container and all surfaces get a complete wipe down between classes.  Kids are icky.  Some adults are icky too.

Friday is the last school day before Christmas break.  It’s also A3’s birthday.  Crud monkeys! I need to pick up donuts for her class sometime Thursday too.  Cards and packages may be pushing the Chrismas deadline this year.  Cheers!




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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Three little words: Ho! Ho! Ick!

  2. Roxie

    Is there a grade-school age Christmas choir anywhere in the world where someone has NOT thrown up? Poor baby. And poor DH, too. Hideous traffic. He’s such a trooper!

    Roxanna is just telling you that computer work is shitty and it is time to frolic with the felines. You might try teaching her to fly. One or two flying lessons discourages keyboard strutting. (Mr. Brown Eye. Snerk!)

  3. Hopefully the healing is well in progress as I type!

    Feel better kids.

  4. Karen O

    Maybe you could try pine-scented wipes? Just thinkin…

    Happy birthday A3–hope it’s as wonderful as you! See you soon!
    Love, Auntie K

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Do what you can and let everything else go. A3’s birthday is essential. Hang on, girl!!!

  6. I think I shall adopt “crud monkeys” as my Xmas motto.

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