I love today! Not only is it Friday, but it’s also the last official day of school before Christmas break.  Unofficially, the students started their vacation last Friday and this week has been an exercise in futility. Trying to hold their attention required juggling while wearing a rainbow, afro wig  and riding a unicycle.  And since I can’t juggle (or ride a unicycle) I’m pretty sure that all they heard me say was, “wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.”

After work is the Christmas party/gift exchange at a local restaurant.  I won’t be able to stay long though because today just also happens to be A3’s TENTH BIRTHDAY! 

All of my babies are now into double digits.  This morning she opened the bulk of her birthday presents and this evening we’re celebrating with cheesecake after dinner.  At that time she’ll also get her special box from her deceased grandparents.  That last part was a bit tricky. 

In 1999 both of my in-laws were terminally ill.  My mother-in-law, Laura, had stage four lung cancer, and my father-in-law, George, was experiencing liver failure brought on by hepatitis. He’d contracted it sometime during his 40+ years as an army medic and nurse.  They knew that they wouldn’t be around to watch their granddaughters grow up, so they put together special boxes to be opened by the girls on their 10th birthdays. Each box contained two beanie babies (very popular at the time), a special Christmas ornament, a Precious Moments Birthstone box, a silver dollar minted 100 years before the years of their births, letters, and custom-made gold crosses featuring their birthstones.  George was a coin collector so the coins were something from him.  Laura was Catholic and she always wore a cross. It never came off, even during radiation treatments (when she passed away my DH slipped it off her neck and he’s worn it ever since). The girls’ crosses were made to look like hers. 

There was only one problem with the wonderful boxes.  We only had the two oldest girls at the time they were made and there was no inkling of A3 what-so-ever, so she never had one.  Over the years my DH and I spent lots of time on ebay and perusing different shops searching for the exact treasures needed to recreate a 10 year box for A3.  Obviously, the letters weren’t possible and we’d not even try to write something.  The independent jeweler who created A1 and A2’s crosses couldn’t be located (he’s up in the Tacoma area) so we went to a local jewelry store for the cross.  An exact copy wasn’t found, but a reasonable copy was ordered from a catalog many, many weeks ago.  The blue topaz was supposed to be mounted and the necklace ready for pickup by Wed. at the latest, but there’s still no word.  Hopefully, it will be ready for pick up this afternoon.  If not, then I may just have a meltdown.  Should a security video showing a woman laying on the floor of a jewelry store, kicking and screaming make its way onto Youtube then chances are, it’s yours truly.  In said video, (should it arise) watch for blurring masses surrounding the clerks. That “blur” will actually be my late MIL’s ghost going ectoplasmic on someone’s arse.

Anyway, happy birthday A3!

On a completely unrelated note. Last night I tried some homemade “Butterbeer.”  I chose to leave out the melted butter though.  That left just the cream soda and butterscotch schnapps.  The concoction was good chilled, but it was very sweet and needed to be sipped in small quantities.  If made again, I’d try diluting the cream soda with plain club soda or something else fizzy, to cut some of the sweetness out.

not my picture, and mine didn’t have this much foam on top




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4 responses to “Hooray!

  1. Roxie

    You are the coolest parents EVER!! Happy happy birthday to A3 and may she enjoy many, many more. And I hope the ghost of her Grandma has already gone ectoplasmic on those jewelers and done a novena on them!!

  2. Karen O

    Happy birthday A3! What a beautiful picture, and you guys are awesome to go through all the trouble to make sure that she has a 10-year box, too. What a fabulous tradition and hope this gets carried on through the next generation. Maybe I should do something similar for 14th birthdays…since I missed Emma’s 10th already. 🙂

  3. Those grand-parents are an inspiration, and so are you for making sure A3 is just as valued.
    PS Roast potatoes [Cheers Gillian] can be made the same way but with olive oil instead of goose fat. Make sure you heat the oil and pan on top of the stove before you plunk them in and then put in oven.

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