For the first time in years I decided to make Krumkake for Christmas.  For those of you who may not know what Krumkake are, they are like a Scandinavian version of fortune cookies, but they’re cone shaped and sometimes people fill them with fruit or whipped cream. Traditional Krumkake are flavored with cardamom.  A special iron is used that fits over a small burner on a stove. Small amounts of batter are spooned between the layers of metal and the iron is flipped half-way through to cook both sides of the cookie. The cookie is then removed from the iron, and while still hot, it’s shaped around a wood or metal cone.  Once it cools then the cookie hardens.

Not too far into the endeavor I remembered why I’ve not made these traditional treats for some time.  They are a royal pain in the arse.  The wooden handles on the iron allow for safe, cool turning.  However, the aluminum handle holding the frame in place gets very hot, very quickly.  I tried using a towel and a pot holder, but both slipped and my left hand is riddled with burns.

Not only is the iron hotter than blazes, but because there are about a bazillion pounds of butter in the recipe, real blazes tend to erupt with alarming frequency. Eventually, I opened the window and just ignored the pesky flames.

After singeing my left hand on the iron handle, forming the hot cookies was a piece of cake.

A mere 5 and 1/4 hours later and I’d finished them all.

Krumkake were packaged with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar (because it looks like snow).

Then the boxes of this northern pastry were added to holiday baskets (not everyone will receive the cookies, some folks will have to make due with banana bread).

On Monday I finally mailed cards, packages, etc.  The clerk told me that not all of my packages would arrive in time for Christmas, but they should make it to their destinations by New Years Eve.

I managed to spin a little undyed merino.  I’ve also been knitting away on a pair of socks. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the season. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Krumkake

  1. Roxie

    You are a good, virtuous, noble woman!! And we got your Christmas card today too.! You manage all this AND a job, AND take care of house and children! And I bet you look awesome in your WonderWoman tiara!

  2. Debbie

    I did not make any krumkake this year, but typically it is a cookie we make at christmas. It is very time consuming making one cookie at a time, but we still do it annually. They have electric irons now that make it easier. One of my coworkers went to a party and met your sister. Small world. Have a wonderful christmas.

  3. Gillian Margaret Campbell

    I’m surprised you have time to do anything else. A batch of krumkakes is a full day’s work. I can only surmise that they must be totally delicious to be worthy of such labour.
    But then again, “Shortcut” is my middle name.
    Christmas cheers Gillian

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Those traditions live on and although it was a pain, your results were beautiful. Knit and spin away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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