Christmas Eve!

We’re all excited here on this day before Christmas!  There wasn’t any snow, nor is any expected anytime soon for this area, so next week our family will drive to the mountains to play in the white stuff for a day. 

This afternoon we’re feasting on ham dinner, complete with all of the trimmings. If you’re in the area then pop on in for a plate and company.

The girls (okay, me too) wanted to see what was in the Christmas Crackers so they cracked open an extra one this morning.

Inside this particular one there was a very small ring toss game and a green tissue paper crown.  I don’t know if we’ll wear the hats at dinner because we’ll be eating near an open flame. The kitties are loving the little rings from this and there are already several underneath the wardrobe.

Yesterday A1 and her friend, who is a boy, exchanged Christmas presents.  He made her these beautiful birch candle holders.  They are the coolest present ever and we’ve convinced A1 to let us enjoy them in the living room for today and tomorrow.  After that she can take them to her bedroom, but only if she promises not to light them.

Helena sent us these adorable little Finnish gnomes.  They keep disappearing and reappearing in random places throughout the house.  They would have watched me take a bath last night, but I turned them around before getting into the bathtub.

This year we’ve had phone calls, emails, cards, letters and other messages from friends and family.  We feel truly blessed and are thankful for each and every one of you in our lives.

My DH’s socks still aren’t finished, so I’m going to go knock out a few more rows on them while the ham cooks. Merry Christmas to everyone!

You can track Santa’s progress here!


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2 responses to “Christmas Eve!

  1. Sophanne

    That is simply lovely. Thanks for the peek inside.

  2. Roxie

    Your table is stunning! What pretty china! What a gorgeous cloth and centerpiece! And Christmas crackers as well? Too cool! Did you find riddles or mottos in them? Some have and some don’t. Bon appetite!

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