A Visit From Mom and Dad!

Despite warnings of plague, pox and pestilence, my wonderful parents journeyed forth to our home for a visit yesterday!  The trip isn’t a mere jaunt across town, but rather a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive over twisting, turning country roads, followed by a knuckle-gripping stretch of dodging semis at 70 mph down I-5. 

They came bearing Christmas presents for the girls, both from themselves and also from my sister and BIL.  My mom had some excellent advice for stretching and exercises to help with my back pain.  The stomach bug seems to be wearing itself out on its own (still not up to drinking coffee this morning, but able to eat).  Thank Heavens there was distance between us and the neurologist’s office because I think she would have torn that doctor a new arse, if given the chance.  Did I mention that she can be a bit ornery when provoked?  My dad is wisely quiet during these times.  They stayed for several hours, but it started to get dark and they had to make the long trek home.  They left some new supplements to try and they were even sporting enough to partake in some homemade soup (it wasn’t the greatest) before they left.   Thank you for coming down/over Mom and Dad!

While they were here we all enjoyed this video! The remix following the original interview is a hoot!


p.s. it’s finally snowing today, but the forecast says it will turn to rain by evening.



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3 responses to “A Visit From Mom and Dad!

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Love the video. And, your Mom and Dad do rock the world. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better. Take care, Sweetie!!!!

  2. Karen O

    Love the new “Backin’ Up” song. That’ll end up being a top 10 hit…hope she gets some of the royalties for it…or at least free coffee for life.

  3. Karen O

    PS – Your parents are awesome. You should take your Mom with you to the next appointment. Oh, to be a fly on a wall there…

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