Detox and Old Stuff

I received a letter from the neurologist following last week’s disastrous visit.  She prescribed a muscle relaxer and told me to schedule another MRI.  After the test results are finished and I’m not sick I’m supposed to go back to see her.  Also, I need to stop taking Advil as part of my morning routine.  In addition to putting your stomach, kidneys and liver through hell, taking daily doses of Advil can result in rebound headaches if you stop taking it.   I’m following her advice about the Advil, but plans to follow-up with a new primary care physician remain.  Four days of no pain killers has been torture.  Not only do I ache all over, but it’s really hard to not snap at everyone around me.  In addition to no more daily doses of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen (it’s bad to take daily too), I’ve also cut out Diet Coke, melatonin (a sleep aid) and Ritalin (prescribed to help fight fatigue).  It may sound like a lot of sudden changes, but I’ve been gradually phasing out the Diet Coke.  Strange as it sounds, I miss the Diet Coke the most.  It’s embarrassing to admit to soda pop addiction, but there it is.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow, but ready or not, here comes Monday!

This morning Roxanna wrote about chasing a possum out of her back yard.  She has issues with varmints, be they possums or raccoons.  Her story reminded me of a possum that I made years ago.  It had a wire frame so everything from the fingers to the tail could be posed.  The body was needle felted wool and he was life-sized.

 At the time, I was thoroughly enjoying needle felting and I made three different mermaids as well, but  I only have pictures of this one.  She was about 18″ tall and also built over a wire frame so she could be posed.

She had little white teeth, and fingernails.  Her shell top was removable and each of the scales was applied individually.  At the time I was a stay at home mom and I’d work on this during nap time.  It took almost a month to finish.

This mermaid sold on ebay and the other two (no pictures) ended up getting lots of play time with my girls and a variety of kitties. Eventually, they had to be thrown away.  I sold the possum too.  I’d forgotten all about making these until Roxie posted about her encounter.  Thank you for triggering that memory from the dusty recesses!  And thank heavens for my old blog.  It’s nice to have recorded events some place for reference.  

Now off to finish my coffee and contemplate the virtues of exercising versus sock knitting. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Detox and Old Stuff

  1. I have been so out of the loop since taking a position with a different district and have been working every waking moment. I’ve missed a lot! I hope things start looking up for you soon! One thing that came to mind that I had to learn the hard way is that I can’t eat/drink anything “diet” or it triggers a migraine. I had headaches daily until I realized that. Sucralose (Splenda) doesn’t seem to have the same negative effect the other non-calorie sweeteners do on me, so you might want to try Diet Rite or Diet Coke with Splenda and it might make your withdrawal easier. I’m pitifully ignorant about MS and dealing with it’s pain and symptoms. My parents and sister have both had tremendous success with acupuncture for pain relief – is that something which might be an option?

    Good grief, I hope you feel better sooner than later. And, time to get a new neurologist. That one just plain old sucks. Keep us posted!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Think you’re smart about the primary care physician. I have tried, but quitting Diet Coke has proven impossible. I know I should quit, but so far to no avail. Quitting smoking was easier. I’m send loads of good luck wishes your way. I also hope you get some relief from your pain, and soon!! The needlefelting is awesome girl!!!

  3. I too have a soda pop addiction – believe me, I understand how hard it is!

  4. Roxie

    It’s clearly a creation of a benign imagination – a cute possum! Bravo, Heide! And the mermaid is stunning! What an artist you are.

    Detox is torture! Best wishes getting through it. Try drinking iced herb teas maybe? To satisfy the oral fix and to help flush the system. Sending you good vibes and prayers.

  5. A letter. Not a phone call. A letter.

    You surely do need a replacement doctor.

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