A Box For All Seasons

As promised, here are pictures showing what arrived in the box from yesterday’s mail.  There was something to celebrate all of the other, not-quite-as-soggy seasons.  Check out this gorgeous autumn toned roving!  It’s very soft and the colors just scream “fallen leaves!”  The merino wool is airy, warm and would make perfect sock yarn. Who doesn’t love warm woollen socks in the Autumn? 

 Steven is shown next to the huge mass  for scale.  Steven is a large kitty.  

Representing spring is this luscious pile of rainbow dyed silk hankies.  There are three bags of these beauties, each promising a treasure more dear than gold once they’re spun into yards of silken lace weight singles.


And finally, a bit-o-summer sneaked its way into the package in this sweet skein of hand dyed sock yarn.  It looks so much like cotton candy that I swear it smells like sugar!  I’m perusing some new(er) sock books to see if any patterns scream out “Knit me!” to this woolly confection.

In the meantime, the blue “Snow Queen” socks have been hibernated because even with my OTT light it’s too hard to see the dark yarn in the evenings.  They’ll be bagged up in the wardrobe until daylight returns.

I jumped off the bandwagon today and clawed my way into a bottle of Advil during work.  I’m not taking it daily any more, but every now and then, as needed, I’ll partake.   Still no Diet Coke, but I did drink a regular Sprite today.  Whoo hoo!  I wonder if they have a D.C. Anonymous… I also wonder why the first thing you do at an “anonymous” meeting is introduce yourself.  Off to look at patterns. Cheers!

p.s., all of this loveliness came from Dave over at Cabin Cove Mercantile.



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5 responses to “A Box For All Seasons

  1. Karen O

    Beauties, all! I have one more little s’mitten to knit for the garland, then I can pack it away until next year with the rest of the decor–which might have to wait to be dismantled on the weekend to celebrate 12th Night. I should make a 12th Night cake…

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What goodies!!! I am so impressed that you are still off the DC. You’re my hero. Now, go knit and spin, girl.

  3. Roxie

    Dave has such wonderfull stuff! That autum leaf merino is going to make awesome socks! And silk hankies? Ooooooo! Spinning joy!!

    You are a brave, strong woman! Keep postponing that DC. Put it off till the next break. Then the next. You can kick this addiction. You CAN!!

  4. Oh those Janet Laidman socks [b&w] are so gorgeous.
    It is mournfully dark here too. I have every light in the house on [energy saving bulbs of course] but it is still gloomy and wet outside, and the decorations and fairy lights have to come down. Oh dear.

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