No WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday is replaced with a blurred-photo, rushed type post.

All that libel against Mr. Pointer Finger resulted in a complete strike on his part this weekend.  Not only did he refuse to cooperate, but his co-horts in hand joined him in revolt. They spontaneously let go of a crate full of toys while I was cleaning the garage.  But the joke was on them because they ended up being crushed.  Today it’s still slightly bruised, but the swelling has gone down and normal flesh tones are appearing.  Stupid hand.

Last night we attended an elementary school band concert.  A2 failed to mention she had a concert, but I overheard the music teacher talking to some students about clothing for said concert,  and thus learned of the event.  I fell asleep with my head replaying, “Hot Cross Buns” over and over again.

When we returned from the aforementioned concert Steven darted outside.  We couldn’t persuade him to come inside and he hid quite successfully.  This morning he wailed at the back door until let in, and then  blamed us for his misfortune of spending a scary, lonely night in the cold.  He scarfed down breakfast then settled in for a nap on A2’s bed… complete with a snuggle buddy. 

Sadly, I don’t think he learned his lesson and he’s sure to play Houdini and continue to escape at every opportunity. 

Friday A3 has a orthodontist appointment. She has a row of molars bursting at the seams to come in, baby molars, refusing to budge and no room for half of the pending arrivals.  A2 still needs her second set of braces too, but we’ve held off because they will cost another $5,000.  I can’t wait to see how much A3’s visit will add to that total! 

Happy Wednesday my friends!



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3 responses to “No WTF Wednesday

  1. Roxie

    So now if you call someone your “right hand man” you’ll be saying they’re unreliable and self-destructive? It sucks rocks when you can’t depend on your own hands.

    No one in my parent’s generation ever had braces. I remember some fearsome smiles– teeth that were double-parked or twisted sideways, or protruding like a gopher’s. People are a lot prettier now days. Blessings on your babies’ braces.

  2. Karen O

    Hope you have your dexterity well “in hand” and that they begin to play nicely again soon. I’ll have to post pictures of Cammie’s troublesome teeth…
    Hugs, K

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to catch a break. Life is good. It isn’t that, but it sure would be nice if things went easily once in a while. And, Steven is too adorable for words.

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