The Great Sock Scramble

Since May of last year my oldest daughter has been attending cheerleading tryouts and practices  on an average of 5 days per week for at least two hours a day.  She is one of only 21 girls who make up the two Ridgefield High School cheer squads.  Leading, coaching, teaching, mentoring, mediating and inspiring these 21 girls is the wonderful Deanna.  Deanna shows up to practices early and often is the last to leave. In addition to coaching, she has two other full-time jobs, two children and an adorable grandson.  She doesn’t have a student in high school, nor does she  live in the same town, yet she attends each and every junior varsity and varsity game for the various sports. She goes to  assemblies, wrestling matches, banquets, etc. with the diligence of the most dedicated of parents.  For these reasons I wanted to do something special to show her how much I appreciate all that she’s done.

As often is the case, I bring small knitting projects along to stay busy with when waiting to pick up A1 from practices. Deanna often comes over and asks to see what I’m making and then she raves about my simple projects as if they were fine works of art.  Because of this I decided many months ago to knit her some socks.  A pair of blue and orange, our school colors, were cast on and one sock completed back in September, but it just didn’t feel right. 

After that the holidays swooped in and all time was usurped with other projects. Zoom forward to last week, when panic set in as A1 told me that cheer season is almost over for the year.  Holy crap! Time  for some critical planning and flying fingers.  Because the afore-mentioned blue and orange socks weren’t up to parr, A1 was given a mission to discretely find out Deanna’s favorite colors, etc. and the adventure began.

A1 discovered, not very covertly,  that Deanna’s favorite color is teal.  She also found out that Deanna loved the recent beaded sock that I was working on. It just so happened that the wonderful Roxanna had given me a gift certificate to Cabin Cove Mercantile and that Dave  had the perfect colorway, called Mallard,  just sitting in his shop.  The yarn was ordered, coordinating beads were purchased and a pattern picked out of my dusty library.  

The first sock was cast on Thursday afternoon and completed Friday evening. The second sock was cast on Saturday morning and brought along on a road trip to visit some friends, Dan and Zoe.

It was a celebration for Dan’s birthday (a little late).  Once there I settled in with a cup of coffee, the sock, Zoe and every intention of whipping out a second sock while catching up.


However, not long into the endeavor while  SQUIRREL!  No, really, a squirrel… right outside the window.  After the excitement it was back to the sock and visiting.

But wait, another, different type of squirrel!

Next,  Riley, their friendly pooch, came over to say, “Hey!”

Then, best of all,  their son, daughter in law and granddaughter, Marissa, arrived!  I’d rather play with a baby than knit any day!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too close because of an annoying cough and cold, but watching her play was quite enchanting.  In all of the excitement I didn’t get any pictures of Dan, the birthday boy.

The forgotten sock was finally pulled out once we were back at home and last night I finished the leg.  This morning I woke up early, turned the heel and whipped out the foot.  Roxie gave them her official kitty seal of approval.

Now they are ready to be given to Deanna this evening at the J.V. Cheer awards gathering.  The pattern is Evelyn Clark’s Blossoms sock, modified to include beads in center of each blossom. There enough of the wonderful Mallard merino left to make something for A2, who has been coveting this yarn since its arrival.  Now off to clean house and catch up on the week’s laundry. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Update: Dave edited the sock pictures for me and they look way better now. I especially love the one with Roxie being sweet!



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4 responses to “The Great Sock Scramble

  1. How wonderfully nice of you! The socks look great!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Those are beautiful socks. Deanna will be thrilled!!!!!

  3. You are such a fast knitter. Honestly, it takes me weeks to knit ONE sock. Those look so great! The yarn was a good match for that pattern.

  4. Roxie

    Awesome, awesome socks! Yay you!! Bet they were wildly appreciated. And after Roxie rubbed cat-goodness into them, how could they not be loved?

    I am keeping my cold and cough quietly at home and being profoundly thankful that I DON’T have to visit friends, clean house, or do anything but sleep. Bless your dear heart! I’m keeping you in my prayers.

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