Ten on Tuesday

Inspiration for today’s post has been taken directly from Cindy’s “Ten on Tuesday” offering.  Here are ten things currently on my night stand.

1. Large glass of water.  I can’t go to sleep without water nearby. This particular glass’ contents were drunk and replaced twice last night.

2. Antique lamp that belonged to my DH’s grandmother. It’s mate is on his nightstand.  They don’t really match anything in our house, but we don’t know where else to put them where the kids and cats won’t break them.

3. Bracelet from A3. She  made it for me out of her delightful, colorful beads she created this past weekend.

4. Throat spray.  It doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

5. Oil of Olay.  I don’t know if it prevents new wrinkles, but it keeps my current crows feet moist.

6. Scarf in progress… just in case I wake up with the urge to knit a few rows.

7. Cheap, drugstore reading glasses. My current magnification level is +1.5. 

8. Random books.  I can’t get my brain to shut up long enough to let me fall asleep without something to read. I rehash daily events, fret over the upcoming day and worry about things like remembering to pay bills, what will be for the next night’s dinner, etc.  I envy my husband’s ability to lay down and be snoring away within minutes of his head hitting the pillow.

9. Useless T.V. remote.  I think A3 took the batteries out for one of her toys. There actually is a small tv in our bedroom to go with it, but it’s rarely, if ever, turned on.  I don’t much like watching t.v. and when we do I’d prefer to actually see picture. The afore-mentioned reading glasses don’t do squat to help with my distance vision.

10. Grumpy faced, bald Lego Mom.  It’s there amid the beads of the bracelet from A3. The detachable hair and coffee cup are buried in the Lego box. There is a smiling face on the other side and the head can be attached so that either face shows, while the hair covers up the one not in use.  My guess is that one of the girls thought I was being mean so she left this on my nightstand, so displayed,to make a statement. 

That’s about it, except for the 20-year-old digital clock whose alarm no longer works. I usually wake up on my own periodically and check the time. If I’m not up by 5:30 then A1 comes in to wake me.  Hope everyone back east is keeping warm and safe. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Damn! That’s what I’m missing: a nightstand! What a great idea.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Yours is way neater than mine. I’ve had 4″ of sleet and they say the snow is moving in. Thankfully, I only had about .25″ of freezing rain before the sleet. This is a monster storm!!!

  3. Roxie

    That’s not a real nightstand. You can see the surface. You cleaned it up for the photo, didn’t you? Got rid of the kleenex and the Vicks and the magazines and the empty coffee mug and – (checking my own nightstand which is several layers deep in detritus) last week’s Sunday funnies and a cat. And things are neat and stacked and dusted. This is a stunt nightstand! You can’t fool me!

    • Actually, Brian cleaned and dusted in our bedroom the week before so I didn’t have to cheat on the picture. It would not have been taken prior to his efforts.

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