Yesterday I indulged and stayed home from work to sleep in hopes that the rest would restore my shredded voice.  Once the kidlets and DH were gone I made a nest on the living room couch and snoozed intermittently.  Only a few random rows were added to a scarf and housework was neglected.


The exception to the latter being kitty and bird care.  The cat box is normally scooped twice daily, but while home I couldn’t stand letting the stink pickles wait until the normal afternoon cleaning. 

At one point I reminisced through an old photo album that my oldest had left out.  I love this picture of the girls playing in the mud!

After school I took the girls to cheer practice.

 We came home to discover my DH had made dinner! There was only time for homework and then back to bed.  Sleep is wonderful. I could so get used to being a woman of leisure! Vocal chords are fully functional this morning (they had a work out while I negotiated bathroom time between A1 and A2) so  it’s back to work. 

Tonight A1 and A3 are cheering (A1 at two different schools for  back-to-back games and A3 at the first school A1 is cheering at) while A2 has a band concert simultaneously at a third school.  Intricate, fragile plans to get the girls to their various locations and view as much of each performance as humanly possible have been made.  The only problem with said plans is that there is no room for eating.  Sounds like a visit to Subway and dining in the van during shuttling will have to suffice. Our activity schedule is really quite tame compared to those of many families.  Some people juggle this way on a daily basis… to them, I tip my hat. 

Oops, A3 is squealing and singing in the kitchen.  That means she’s not eating her breakfast and I know she isn’t dressed yet. Better go nip that in the bud. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Indulgence!

  1. Roxie

    I wish I could give you a coupon book of days of leisure to be used whever you felt like it. You deserve a hundred of them. Days to sit down and read and watch TV and knit when you don’t even feel bad. Days when someone else deals with the stink pickles (lol) and dinner and kid shuttling. Days when you can enjoy being you!

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    You sound so much better! I’m glad you got some rest. Hugs hunny!!!

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