Do intentions count?

Once again, it’s Sunday, but not just any plain Jane old Sunday. Today is the wonderful, fabulous Cindy‘s birthday! Whoo hoo and happy birthday Cindy. One of these years I hope to eat cake with you in person.

I had every intention of exercising today.  My co-workers talk about going to Zumba classes and doing other health-minded activities. They look great, while my arse continues to take up more and more of the chair. Unfortunately, the only part of me that got a workout was my pancreas.  I baked in hopes that we’d have some take-and-go breakfast  foods and lunch desserts for the next week. 

As usual, everyone picks and nibbles until his/her/her/her/her eyes glaze over in a sugary stupor and not much is left for the intended meals.  At least I was civilized enough to use a plate and fork!

The Kaliedoscope silk hankies from Cabin Cove Mercantile have been spun into singles (see above).  The link actually shows silk caps, but the colorway is the same.

Last week there was a recognition night for A1’s JV Cheer Squad. It was held at one of the other parents’ homes.  While there, their kitty, Fred, made himself familiar with me, my purse and my knitting bag.

He was utterly charming!  At one point I heard my beloved first-born tell a friend, “I told you she was going to be The Cat Lady!”  Embarrassing your children in public is a parenting delight I truly savor.  It’s Karmic payback for all of those sleepless nights spent driving around the block listening to Linda Ronstadt  singing lullabies, while hoping she’d finally fall asleep.

 We don’t watch the Super Bowl here, as we aren’t big professional sports fans.  Because so many people will be glued to their television sets, taking advantage of  deserted grocery stores sounds like a great idea.  After the morning’s baking stint we’re out of eggs, baking powder and the sugar bin is almost empty.  If I push the cart fast enough and squat to pick up heavy items does that count as a workout? Cheers all!

ps, my DH went to the store for me.  I may try doing jumping jacks while changing the sheets.





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6 responses to “Do intentions count?

  1. Dave D

    Beautiful spinning, beautiful baking, beautiful snooping kitty.
    And, yes, anything involving stooping, bending or twisting, whether for sexual gratification or for general household chores, DOES count as exercise. (OMG! Is this a G-rated blog, or PG-13???)
    Oh, crap, I blame the cat.

  2. Yes it does count as exercise! Matter of fact I told my DH yesterday that me cleaning my craft room counted as exercise as when you toss your entire stash on the floor so you can organize it in the closet you end up doing squat after squat! Lastly LOVE the baked goodies! What are those muffins and are you sharing the recipe??

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    OMG! You’re so busy, girl. It’s hard to work in exercise and this time of year, nearly impossible. Thanks again for the birthday wish!! I hope we get to eat cake and have a glass of bubbly to celebrate!!!!!

  4. Roxie

    Cinnamon rolls! OK, come summer, I’m coming up to your house and you will teach me how to make cinnamon rolls. Those muffins look awesome. As for exercise, the more you eat, the more weight you are carrying. Just imagine you are putting on a backpack with five pounds of sugar in it and carrying it twentyfour seven. Doesn’t that count as exercise?

    The silk hankies are spinning up splendidly! Ooo, ooo!

  5. Karen O

    That reminds me…the 3rd graders are doing a bake sale today and tomorrow. I just can’t bring myself to bake stuff to donate after I found out that all the candles we’ve been making are going to be for sale tomorrow. And of course, none of it goes toward our fundraising obligation. Heck, I’m taking the day off. Except for sewing.

  6. Gillian Margaret Campbell

    All movement counts as exercise. The faster you do it the better, though.
    And the very best time to go out and wander round and shop is during a MAJOR SPORTS EVENT. In Oz I always went out during the Formula One race in Melbourne. Here in England it is really dreamy to go out during the Grand Final or the Grand National.
    Cheers Gillian

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