Random Friday

My brain is fried. Synapses are firing randomly and jumbled images flash through my consciousness instead of flowing. I liken to being stuck in a dark room with a strobe light attached to my forehead.  Here are some things I’ve seen and remember from this morning. 

Roxie rebuffing me for taking her off of my keyboard for the 10th time this morning. After a thorough ignoring I was forgiven.

A2’s contact lens case with only 1 contact left.  Yesterday we thought both were in, following a frustrating and tearful attempt to get them in.  She wanted so much to wear them to her cheer performance, but it wasn’t in the cards.  We searched in vain for the missing lens, but I think Steven may have eaten it. 

Next to the contact case is a shawl that needs to be partially frogged and reknit so it can be mailed to a friend yesterday.

A1 and some fellow cheerleaders leading A2 and her group through a half time performance last night. Because of double booking of band concerts, etc. this set of younger girls missed out on last week’s showing.  This game took place at the middle school, rather than the high school. The crowd was uninspired and borderline rude, in my opinion.  I felt bad for the youngsters, who were not even allowed to perform all of the cheers or the dance that they’d practiced because the visiting team filed out of the locker room and onto the floor. I’ve never liked middle school. I dread A2 joining the ranks next year.


The three pieces of A1’s borrowed uniform that must be altered before going to bed tonight.  The skirt presents the biggest challenge because it needs to be taken in at the waist and shortened. She can’t roll the waistband because it bulges. I’m thinking that maybe we can duct tape it up higher around her rib cage and hope that her shirts don’t raise up to show the tape.  Yes, I’m kidding. Sort of.  Tomorrow morning the girls all have to report by 8:00 am down in Vancouver for a regional competition. It’s the last hurrah for the year. My DH has National Guard training so he can’t go to watch and help wrangle the other girls.

Elsewhere, a relative lost a 20 year battle with brain cancer this week.  I didn’t know her well, but besides being a relative she was friends with my mom. She will be missed, but everyone is glad that she isn’t hurting any more. 

My sister called with the good news that nephew got a job with an engineering firm located in Tukwila, WA.  He’s worked very hard over the past years simultaneously on a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. He starts with full benefits and very good pay too.  We’re all very proud of him.

Happy Friday!



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4 responses to “Random Friday

  1. Roxie

    All my chaos is self-induced. Yours hunts you down implacably.

    Poor cheerleaders. Middle school sucks rocks!!

    Roxie evidently excells at ignorance!

  2. What about taking the waistband off, then folding down and resewing on the waistband? Oh, shortening a skirt like that would be a nightmare. I bet it has a zip… ugh!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Sheesh, woman! Do you even have time to breath? BTW, I love the pic of Roxie’s back. I’ve seen that in these here parts many times;-P The shawl is lovely. The colors pretty and your friend will love it! Stop worrying.

  4. Karen O

    Hugs! The weather’s got me down and that’s about all I can muster.
    Miss you terribly!

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