Today, Sunday, my three girls and I enjoyed a Valentine’s Day lunch together.  My DH was slaving away at National Guard duty so it seemed like the perfect time for some seafood.  We all love the stuff, but he can’t stand it.  Tea, chocolates, fresh fruit, scones and spinach salad rounded out the meal. I love spending time with them.

Not long after the feast A3 became ill.  I soon followed suit.  So far A1 and *A2 remain unaffected, so I don’t think it’s related to the food (which A3 barely touched).  Fingers are crossed that all germs will be eradicated by morning. I don’t love being sick.

In Friday’s mail 4 ounces of silk mawata (cocoons) arrived from an eBay order.  I confess that ordering yarn and fiber from Dave has spoiled me because I almost cried with disappointment after opening the package.  They arrived as matted, stained little hard wads that smelled very musty.  After  a long soak with a mild shampoo and carefully prying apart the balls of silk then laying them flat to dry overnight this is how they turned out. 

They still have some staining and bits of what I hope is vegetable matter.  I don’t love being disappointed, but hopeful  they will be okay to spin with when the time comes. They are definitely not flat or square so the edges are hard to separate.

Finally, here is a gratuitous kitty picture.  I love happy cats!

I love my friends and family too.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

*A3 is still nauseated and she stole my bucket this morning because A2 is using the other one.  Not loving being sick.



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3 responses to “Love

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, Sweetie. I’m sorry you and the wee one got sick. I hate that. The silk doesn’t look too bad, but I’m so sorry you were disappointed. Ebay can be a crapshoot. And, that Steven tummy looks so darned cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roxie

    That splendid lunch looks divine! The subsequent sickness sucks rocks!

    The silk looks like a rescue success, but you oughta tell us who the purveyors are so we can avoid them. (Dave is such a spoiler.) He does it the way it oughta be done.

    Kitty belly! Squeeeee!

  3. Awww that Steve always cracks me up!

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