Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday assignment was to list and provide links to 10 non-knitting blogs that I enjoy.  This is not easy to do, even if there is a little leeway provided. Most of the blogs I visit were found because of the common link of knitting. And even those that are  technically not  “Knitting Blogs” might have occasional knitting in them. Does it count if they are touted as knitting blogs, but there isn’t much knitting to show? (mine would be an example)  Anyway, here they are in no particular order…

1. Beyond The Sidewalks is a blog written by a woman living on the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington State.  She has a delightful farm with an eclectic menagerie of animals, the most prevalent creature being goats.  She showcases her animals with amazing photography and tells charming stories.  My mom had goats while we were growing up and I have quite a soft spot for them.

2. Betz White has a blog dedicated to repurposing old clothing, etc.  She buys used sweaters, shirts, jeans, etc. then creatively turns them into amazing, new and useful items.  She does have some knitting on her site, but it’s more of a garnish than a main dish.  If you’ve never visited her before then I suggest you hop over and check it out.  Her imagination never ceases to blow me away.

3. Cake Wrecks…  what’s not to love? It’s pastry, snark and humor all rolled into one hilarious, and sometimes disturbing, site.

4. Psycho Kitty Speaks Out Max is the head honcho in his kitty household and you had better not visit him without bringing crunchy treats.  Max is the most literate kitty I know. He has written several books and had them published.  He runs an ongoing, “Ask Max” forum too.  Not bad for someone lacking opposable thumbs.

5. Chillsider is the name of Glen’s blog. Glen lives in England and she is the most talented fiber artist I’ve seen.  Her works of art belong in museums.  I love reading about the inspiration behind each of her pieces. This is one of her 2-D works:

6. The Milkman’s Wife is written by Heidi lives in Wisconsin on a dairy farm with her DH and 5 boys.  In addition to running the dairy farm she works outside the home and was homeschooling the youngin’s as well.  In the past years they’ve had some hard times and Heidi hasn’t had time to write as much as she used to, but I still check often in hopes that she’s written again. She shares amazing recipes!

7. Within The Walled Garden is another blog hailing from Britain.  Gillian, who lived in Australia when I first started following her, lives with Tigger and her significant other in a house on the Raby Estate (hope I got that right).  Gillian does knit, but her blog mainly follows the adventures of renovating her home and garden, her newest hobby (photography) and her journeys about the lovely countryside near her home. She recently bought a new spinning wheel. And although she doesn’t talk much about it, she can knit up a storm.

8. Dick’s Pizza is a blog written by the father of one of my bestest friends ever.  And although I detest all things political with the fire of a thousand suns, I still check out his site in hopes of finding a new narrative.  I enjoy his hunting and fishing stories, as well as his accounts of past dogs and his younger antics.

9. Nightplay is a private, invite only site, so I feel kind of like cheating for listing it.  This is the private blog of my 12-year-old daughter.  Her she uploads her photography and artwork for her own record keeping.  For safety reasons she is not allowed to accept any followers, but I enjoy seeing how her artwork has matured.

10. Weinertoons is a blog that was started by an old Air Force friend of mine, named Jeff.  Jeff lives in the greater Boston area with his lovely wife, adorable son and a dog named Monty.  Way back before becoming a dad he began writing cartoons and he was steadfast in keeping them updated regularly.  He even made several movies about some of the characters.  I think Jeff still writes new adventures, but most of his time is now happily devoted to being a dad. 

That’s about all, except that A2, A3 and I are all still sick.  A friend of mine said this sounds like the Norvo or Norovirus. No matter what you call it, it feels like being kicked by a donkey in the stomach while someone simultaneously drops an anvil on your head.  I could handle one or the other tolerably well, but the combination of headache+intestinal illness renders me unable to care about much. A large, planet destroying meteor could be hurtling towards Earth and I’d say, “Bring it!” 




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2 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Roxie

    Sweetie, do you need help? I could probably find my way over to your house and do a few loads of laundry, wash down the bathroom wall, maybe even make some Jello. I’m willing if you feel you need me. Have you talked to a medic at all about this? And are you all staying hydrated? Losing fluids at both ends is a bad thing. (Yeah, like you need me to tell YOU that.)

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Damn. I’m sorry you’re still sick. What a great list of blogs. I’m afraid my list is very very short. Take care, kiddle!!

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