Just Plain Wednesday With Flashbacks

The “WTF” will be on Thursday this week.

Whoo hoo! We’ve watched the clock and since there have been no cases of vomiting or fever in the last 24 hours and our innards are remaining inside we can all return to our regularly scheduled activities!

I finished a retro style shawl for a friend’s birthday. Doesn’t the fringe scream 1970’s?

The yarn is Araucania boucle in a lovely blue/green colorway. The colors of the shawl are completely washed out in this picture. Hmm, I should have closed the office door first because I notice the over exuberant flash didn’t blot out the miscellaneous debris on the floor. Oh well, warts and all…

Way back when, oh so many  moons ago, my daughters’ bedroom decor centered around Peter Rabbit and the Tales of Beatrix Potter.  I don’t remember the pictures looking quite like this, but tainted memories abound in nostalgic minds.

I adore creativity  paired with a sense of humor!

 Recently I pulled out a huge box of knitting and crocheting magazines and patterns that belonged to my Grandma Helen.  Some of the pictures/patterns are hilarious and best forgotten (I’ll share some on a WTF post), while others scream out, “Knit me!”.  Occasionally I’d come across something that I remember Grandma making. 

This is the “Diamond Cable Afghan” from a 1978 issue of “Spinnovations”.  Grandma knitted this particular afghan for me as a high school graduation present (1985).  I treasured this afghan and kept it draped reverently over a rocking chair that had once belonged to my other grandma, Grandma Eva.  It was only used folded up as a lap throw because I didn’t want anything to happen to it.  Hard as it is to believe now, before having children I was quite fastidious with my housekeeping.

While in college I lived, for a brief stint, in a rented house with a variety of youngish adults. The chair and blanket were kept in my upstairs bedroom. One day I came home from class to find one of the residents had gone upstairs and grabbed Grandma’s blanket and brought it back down because he was cold.  The gangly beast had wrapped his enormous feet in one end and then pulled and stretched it attempting to make it reach his chin while he smoked a cigarette and watched t.v.   He couldn’t understand why I was upset and told me I was rude as I yanked it off his ignorant self. Thankfully, no holes were burned into it, but it reeked of smoke. I tried to wash and reshape it, but the stretching was so severe that it never resumed its original shape. Unfortunately, the wool felted during the soaking too.  Anyway, in spite of the damages this remains a treasured item and I loved finding this pattern. The book is full of gorgeous knits and I hope someday to delve in and channel my grandmother while making something from its pages.

Hope everyone enjoys a Wonderful Wednesday.  Cheers!



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4 responses to “Just Plain Wednesday With Flashbacks

  1. Karen O

    I remember that guy. What a dick.
    Now that you have the pattern, maybe you can knit a replacement. 🙂

  2. Roxie

    Love the shawl – fringe and all!

    SO glad you’re feeling better!

  3. We could hunt him down today and beat his ass! I declare no statute of limitation on acts as rude as his!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Amen. What a dick. I’m so glad you two are feeling better. Your friend’s shawl is beautiful and I have stuff on my floors, too. I most certainly will not be remembered for my immaculate house;-D

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