WTF Thursday

WTF Presumptuous:  This past Monday, when my substitute passed out spelling/vocabulary packets, she told students that I’d spelled several words incorrectly. She had them write the “correct” spelling on the study sheets, then told them that if they turned in their daily work with the words spelled as they were on the lists that she’d mark them wrong.   Now,  I make mistakes, don’t get me wrong.  And about my mistakes… I own them. Especially in front of children.  Letting kids know that grownups are not infallible is imperative. Equally important is teaching the kids how to tactfully handle situations when others make mistakes.  On Wednesday, when I returned and prepared to give the students their practice spelling test, they unanimously, and simultaneously (really, it sounded like a cacophony of crows squawking)  told me about the spelling corrections and what she had said.  I didn’t argue or question her claim in front of the students, that would have been rude. Instead, I told them that for the practice test I’d accept either spelling on the questioned words and that I’d double-check  after the test to see what I’d misspelled.  Well guess what?  I did not spell “Sizeable” and “Likeable” incorrectly. I simply spelled them differently. According to several American English dictionaries, there are two ways to correctly spell each of these words. Both words can have the “e” removed from the base word, or it can be left in. An entire spiel about English being a “living” and changing language ensued, which I doubt any of them listened to. They were also told that for my class either spelling for these words would be accepted.  But hopefully this person will check the veracity of her statements before adamantly correcting people in the future.  The situation could have easily been handled in much more professional way.  Any of the nearby dictionaries could have been consulted, or she could have simply left  a note asking me to double-check questionable words. Don’t misunderstand me. When I make a mistake I appreciate being corrected. If possible, in person so I can enjoy a good laugh too!

WTF Knitting Pattern Pictures:  First and foremost, let it be known I am not making fun of the actual sweaters shown in these pictures, but rather the cheesy, dated photography. 

Here’s a picture from the 1968 pamphlet called, “Teach Yourself to Knit The Easy Columbia Minerva Way”.  The classic V neck pullover and cardigan could look at home in almost any decade, but I’m pretty sure these people looked plastic even back then. 


Heck, I want to knit something from the Columbia Minerva book just because of her name.  It sounds like something from Harry Potter.  For the record, the “CM Way” doesn’t involve a different technique, just the use of that brand of yarn.

 Moving up to the 1970’s, “Dawn Tenniswear” shows us how the whole family can look stylish while spending a day at the country club.  “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”  I’d blame my horrendous photography skills for the glaring white spot in this picture, but the whiteness of the boy’s legs may be partially at fault.

The inside pictures are even more staged and cheesy!

Finally, there’s no mistaking that “Knitting Sweaters for Kids” was published during the 1980’s.  I have some serious flashbacks when looking at this picture.

This entire book features kids wearing brightly colored knits tricked out with shoulder pads and baggy sleeves.  The teenage and ‘tween girls are all pretending to talk on rotary phones while sporting ginormous hair bows that would make Cindy Lou Who envious.

WTF Snow: It snowed here yesterday for the first time this year! Grown ups reverted back to childhood as we watched the snow come down.  My supervisor even pranced into the room and told us there was going to be a “Snow day!” Not really, he was just giddy and messing with us.  Of course the white stuff is all gone now, but I can honestly say that I have never seen snowflakes that big in all of my life.  Someone from the local newspaper took a picture.  We might get a few more flurries today, but nothing that’s going to last.  Thank heavens I finally picked up and finished the last mitten for this set.

The person they’re for is a little bitty thing who is always cold.

WARNING! Look away Roxanna. You do not want to view the following WTF entry.

WTF Cute: I love the story about Heidi, the cross-eyed possum, who lives in a German Zoo.  Experts believe that Heidi and her sister are cross-eyed because of fatty deposits built up behind their eyes.

Apparently other people love Heidi too!  She has her own Facebook page and a Youtube video as well.  The idea that possums (viewed as pests here in the states) are zoo attractions elsewhere is humorous. Talk about a WTF!  Are my eyes starting to cross?

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!



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4 responses to “WTF Thursday

  1. You handled that presumptious prat situation with class and dignity. Good for you! What qualifications are required for substitutes?

    Lovelovelove that sweet green knit set!

  2. Roxie

    You are such a pro – and she was such a poop! Have you left her a note or something to let her know how you feel? How’s she ever gonna know she was wrong if no one tells her?

    Snowflakes big as doilies. We hates ’em we does! The carnivorous wooly mamoths follow them down from the tundra and strive to tread us all into the slush so they can slurp us up like pork-flavored snow cones. We hates that nasty white stuff!

    Thank you for the possum alert. I carefully averted my eyes.

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Gorgeous cowl and mittens. There is always someone who never gets the point. You could tactfully make your point, but I fear it would be missed. Have a wonderful long weekend, my friend!!

  4. Love the cowl and mittens!! I’m kinda partial to your color choice…. just a little bit though. You are more of a saint than I am. I would be educating that substitute on all the words that could be spelled more than one way. Starting with ass and arse when I told her to kiss mine…. sorry I guess I’m a little hateful this morning.

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