Friday Off!

We had a day off from school/work today and so far it has been awesome!

A3 has been building up a storm with Legos.  This X-Wing fighter is from kit that Dan and Zoe gave her for her 10th birthday. 

Legos are almost the perfect toy.  The creative possibilities are endless, the colors and brick variety never cease to amaze me and kids never outgrow them. Even my DH and I have been known to stack a few bricks here and there.  The only drawbacks are the price and they hurt like hell when you step on them at 3:00 in the morning.  Also,  smaller pieces have been accidentally vacuumed up over the years. They’re usually long gone to the dusty depths of the dirt receptical before I realize what that rattling noise is/was (reflexes aren’t what they used to be). This morning A3 announced that she doesn’t want to wrestle this next season (starting in two weeks) because she’s too tired.  This concerns me to no end because this has been her favorite thing to do for several years.  Both her dad and I agree to never force our kids into extra-curricular activities.  Our only requirement is that if they start something that they need to finish the session, etc. unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Anyway, I don’t like that she’s feeling this tired. The poor little thing!  The rest of today and throughout this weekend I’m going to let her relax and encourage her to eat whenever/whatever she wants.

A2 and her dad have been taking turns playing World of Warcraft.  She was going to let me practice archery with her, but it’s pretty cold and damp outside.  We’ll wait for warmer weather.  Yesterday she went out, but after a few minutes  a young neighbor came out into her own yard (fenced and away from the target) so A2 immediately came inside. We have very strict rules about shooting if there is anybody (including pets) within visual or speaking distance.  I’ve been looking around trying to find an inexpensive, but not cheesy, recurve bow for her to ease into.  The archery experts advised us to start her on a light (non-hunting version) compound bow so she could get used to aiming, etc. without getting discouraged because of the physical demands of drawing back the bow string. Now it’s time for her to move up a degree.  She loves the neato look of the old-fashioned English longbows, but they are really hard to string, draw and aim with (don’t know if I used the correct terms). She is strictly an inanimate target girl and has no interested in pursuing anything besides hay bales. 

Because cheerleading season is over I took A1 to get a manicure.  She’d been waiting for quite some time to do this and she mostly paid for it herself.  She is such a girly-girl!  While she was having that done I got a pedicure.  I rarely wear sandals and cringe at the thought of someone seeing my large, troll-like feet, but the callouses were getting pretty thick and when I saw a specific man at the salon who has given me a pedicure before I knew it was meant to be. He gives amazing leg and foot massages while working on customer’s feet.

A quick trip to pick up milk at the grocery store resulted in some happy discoveries as well.  About 20 years ago, when my DH and I lived in Bellingham, one of our favorite treats was to stop by Tony’s Coffeehouse in Fairhaven for a cup of joe.  Serendipitously,I found some Tony’s coffee at Fred Meyers in the health food section, while looking for something completely different, so I picked up a bag. Hopefully the bagged version will be as good as the cups we remember getting in the restaurant.

Also on the awesome list for today…

picking up and starting a second, beaded sock,

enjoying a freshly made, non-smooshed sandwich, complete with lots of horseradish and hot cup of tea for lunch,

and finally, Girl Scout Cookies!  Our whole family loves them.  I’m very thankful to not be on the selling side of them this year.  It’s a lot of work for both the parents and the girls.

This evening we shall indulge in a steaming hot casserole, a DVD and staying up late in sloppy, comfy sweats.  Plans to go inner tubing this weekend may or may not come to fruition.  We want to go, but on the other hand, lazing about is such a luxury.  Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful President’s Day weekend. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Friday Off!

  1. John Shirron

    My nephew builds/creates his own long recurve bows. I could ask him if he has a version that would be suitable for your A2. Let me know.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    A3 will be engineer or a designer. I’m hoping her fatigue has to do with growing. Poor Sweetie. Poor worried Mom and Dad. I love your pedicure. Good for you!!!! I will be getting one in a month or so. I wear sandals all summer long (even to work). I know nothing about no archery. I had the most hideously burned/bruised forearm that I soon realized it wasn’t for me;-P Happy weekend, grrl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Roxie

    After the seige of sickness you folks have had, I think you deserve a quiet, recuperative weekend. Teach the girls how to bake bread. Have cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfast. Grab that Brian guy and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Innertubing is fun, but cold and exhausting.

  4. Penny

    You need to come to the Tri-Cities and let your young archer shoot with my bowmen! Then she could get some serious time on a compound before you invested in one.

  5. Karen O

    Emma ate all my Samoas. Two entire boxes of them. I didn’t get a single cookie. There will be consequences.

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