Ten On Tuesday

This week’s T.O.T. topic is “Ten Things to Like About the Month of March.” 

1. In March I can start seed shopping and garden planning.

2. Lots of special people have birthdays in March.  A few of these folks include, Roxanna, Mom, Jackie (sister), Karen, Bruce, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Gary and lots of other fine people too.

3. St Patrick’s Day! I have no idea if a single drop of Irish blood exists in my veins, but I’ll search for leprechauns, drink green beer and take a free pinch for the cause.

4. That whole,  “In like a lion, out like a lamb” weather idiom…  it’s true, in the beginning of March we have cold, driving  rain but in the end of March we have warm, pummeling rain.

5. I start planning Christmas knitting in March.  From this far out my list is optimistically long, with ambitiously complicated patterns chosen for everyone from my DH all the way on down to the mail carrier.  This list will grow drastically shorter with more complex patterns being switched for simpler projects by September.

6. Daylight Savings Time begins (March 13th for the U.S. and Canada).  I love having more daylight hours to play with after getting home from work.

7.  Spring officially begins. That means that summer is on deck.

8. Because St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring both fall in this month lots of folks start decorating with green. Green is my most favorite color.

9. March is easier to spell than “February”. This is a big deal when you work in an elementary school.

10. Brutus, et al., finally got rid of that Caesar bloke.  Okay, so this one was a stretch and a bit silly as I hate politics, but I do so enjoy Shakespeare.

Other random stuff: We have a two-hour late start this morning due to overnight snow. Besides nagging the girls to work on their math I need to get cracking on a sock with a rapidly approaching deadline.  Did you know that oatmeal is not gluten-free, depending on where it’s processed? Thank heavens for Bob’s Redmill. Their line of gluten-free products is going to really save my butts (I have more than one, thank-you-very-much) with this dietary shift. Our local Fred Meyers has an amazing health food section that carries these, and lots of other good things too. The grocery bill is skyrocketing. Hopefully the trade-off for a healthier family will make this worth the changes. Cheers!




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3 responses to “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Roxie

    Oatmeal has gluten? That’s right up there with, “Clams got legs!” If you say so, I’ll accept it. You are going to have to be uber vigilant.

    March – days are getting longer. Things are blooming. Things are mating (woohoo). Lambies and calves appear in pastures. The annual Rose Festival sacrifice of the virgins begins. (“And with my dual careers of brain-surgery and tap-dancing, I can make the world a better place from head to toe!”)

  2. I love green, too! It’s very impressive that you plan your Christmas knitting in March!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Aren’t gluten free foods pricey? Good for you for doing the 10 on Tuesday. I couldn’t come up with a decent post so I passed it. Hope wee one is doing better!!!!

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