WTF Wednesday

WTF Food: An ice cream shop in London will now carry breastmilk ice cream… as in from human breasts, not cows, goats, yaks or other mammals.  Human.  They claim it to be both healthy and delicious.  I’m all for supporting mothers breastfeeding their babies.  Logically, eating or drinking milk products from our own species would seem more appropriate than drinking something from cows, etc., but my brain just can’t reconcile this concept.  Come to think of it, my favorite ice cream isn’t even really ice cream at all, it’s Baskin Robbin’s  original Daquiri Ice… the blue kind, not the green, lime remix they tried replacing it with.

WTF Job Fail: During yesterday’s math class I began explaining equations.  Some of the kids were a little freaked out by the notion of combining letters with numbers, so we stuck to two basic equation rules for now,  1. get the letter by itself and 2. what you do to one side of the equal sign  you must do to the other.  Solving complex equations and following the order of operations will come later.  After they copied down these rules we then followed them up with example problems solved together, students writing them down in their notebooks, me writing them on the white board.  The first problem I did solo as they looked on. During the second problem a few started calling out numbers. By the third and fourth problems numbers were flying. Some even recited the rules at the correct times! There is nothing else like the feeling you have when students “get” what you’re saying.  It’s exhilarating!  Then, at the end of our fourth tandem problem, out of the blue, one of the students exclaimed, “Today is Justin Bieber’s 17th birthday!”  Those six little words took the wind right out of my sails… knocked me off my high horse, humbling me to no end. If I’d been using an old-fashioned chalkboard then I probably would have just eaten the chalk and called it a day.  Looking back, I seem to remember a lot of teachers with white rings around their lips.

WTF Knitting:  There isn’t any, that’s the WTF.

WTF Firefly:  A while back Nathon Fillion was interviewed about Firefly  being rebroadcast on cable and when asked the inevitable question, “If the Firefly series came back, would you play Captain Mal again?” he said, “Yes.”   Fillion went on to say that if he won $300 million in the lottery that he’d buy the rights to Firefly and put it on the internet.  This ignited a frenzy like no other.  Rumors flew. Fans rejoiced.  One die-hard group even set up a website asking if people would be willing to donate money to help him raise the $300 million.    I feel kind of sorry for the folks that set up this site.  Not once did they say they were actually collecting money, they were just asking IF people would be willing to pledge money.  Eventually, they would try to see about collecting actual money, but they wanted to see what kind of commitments were out there before jumping through all sorts of legal hoops, etc.  They also hoped to send a message to Fox about the sincerity of the fans, in hopes that the studio might reconsider picking up Firefly or Browncoats, or what ever a new series would be called.  Anyway, it seems they’ve been getting lots of flack from fans and legal-types alike.  I wonder if Trekkies/Trekkers/neo-Klingons, etc. ever went through this type of angst.  For my part, I wonder if too much time has passed for this to be picked up again while retaining it’s appeal.  How would new shows deal with the death of Wash’s character in the Serenity movie and the real life passing of actor, Ron Glass? More importantly, would Nathon Fillion still look hot in those Browncoat uniform pants?





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5 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Karen O

    I kept hoping they’d bring back Dead Like Me, but they came out with a pathetic full-length feature film instead, which was terrible. There were so many inconsistencies from the series to the movie that it was hard to watch and the replacement for Daisy Adare was awful. At least the original Mason was in it.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Ma’dear. Nathan Fillion would still look hot in the brown coat. He is too adorable for words. As for the show? I don’t think it stands a snowballs chance. Joss Whedon is so famous now and it was his baby. But, we can dream, can’t we? The idea of breast milk ice cream curdles my tummy;-D

  3. Roxie

    Breastmilk icecream – well, women have been nursing one another’s babies for ever, so the notion of breast milk as a food probably isn’t that far out (especially when you consider that people pay top dollar for coffee beans that have been eaten and passed by some tropical marmoset or something) And I suppose it’s a job you could do while staying home with your kids. Quality control would be a problem. No drugs, no garlic, no peppers . . .

    Would I eat any? Nope!

    Bring back Firefly!

  4. Nothing, I say again, nothing could stop Nathan Fillion from looking hot. Period.

  5. I cringed when I read the article in the Guardian [newspaper] about the breast milk ice cream. The correspondent wasn’t too happy about tasting it before or after. They pay the women for the milk, but the quantities needed meant they wouldn’t become millionaires.

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