Ten on Tuesday and a Request

My top ten favorite smells:

1. Coffee brewing

2. Bread baking

3. Vanilla

4. Cinnamon

5. Chocolate

6.  Rain

7. Red Cedar

8.  Bookstores

9.  The beach

10. Raspberries

This TOT was harder than expected.  Instead of scrambling to come up with ten things, I actually had to leave choices out.  I love lavender, hyacinth, fresh baby, tea, new car (not that I’ve ever had one), color crayons and quite a few other smells as well. 

I baked a gluten-free cake (via a gluten-free mix) on Saturday.  The flavor was fine, but the texture was horrendously tacky.  After several bites all of the spaces between everyone’s teeth were completely filled in with the pasty pastry and we had some pretty wicked looking smiles.  Nobody finished their cake for fear of asphyxiation as those few bites were choked down.  Thorough brushings were needed to undo the illusion of having one big tooth on top and another on bottom.   If anyone out there has any good gluten-free, dairy-free recipes they’d be willing to share then the fine folks here at Chéz Serendipitous Opportuknitty would be eternally grateful.




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12 responses to “Ten on Tuesday and a Request

  1. have you tried the king arthur’s flour gluten free mixes? I haven’t (I dont’ need gluten free) but I hear good things about them and I love a ton of their other products

  2. I love the smell of a bookstore. I learned last year the smell is actually glue and mold. Still love it though.

  3. Roxie

    New mown grass on a summer evening.

    “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!”

    Was that Bob’s Red Mill gluten free?

  4. What a great list! Just posted mine – happy TOT!

  5. King Arthur flour has excellent gluten free mixes, but they are still weird textured. Not sticking to your teeth (I’ve had those, too), but still not bread. But, if you are like me, it doesn’t matter. Just the idea of having a bread-like carb makes me willing to settle. I agree on the 10 on 2sday. Too many choices!!!!!

    • I’ve caved a little here and there and let Ashley eat some carbs. She’s been so hungry lately (unusual for her) and she’s so terribly thin that I don’t want to miss the opportunity to fatten her up a little. She’s had bread products three times during the past week now.

  6. Oh yeah, all those smells. How about wool? I love the smell of wool -rovings and batts; not so much fresh off the sheep! And patchouli – I love patchouli. And the smell of smoke from the chimney when you step outside on a rainy or cold snowy day. Then there’s lilacs and lilies-of-the-valley in bloom. You’re right; this list could go on forever!

  7. What a wonderful list of smells. I love them all too.
    I have so many patterns printed off the net that I have them in folders…”long sleeves”, “socks” etc. Sometimes I spend happy hours browsing through them just planning what to knit next. Then I go back to the net and download some more!!!
    Cheers Gillian

  8. mhs

    There was a similar search for gluten and dairyfree receipes on a French blog recently http://www.cleacuisine.fr/gateaux/gateau-a-la-compote/ where a very lovely fruit cake was presented (s. link). It was surprisingly good. Perhaps your French is up to it?
    cheers monika

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