T.O.T. Pie for Pi

In honor of Pi day (yesterday’s date was 3-14) this week’s Ten on Tuesday  list features my  ten favorite pies.   The list is quite random and in no particular order. This is just how I stumbled across my pictures.

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, recipe here.


2. Lemon meringue (I prefer the top to not be picked off, no matter how innocent looking the culprit may try to look, it just doesn’t taste the same with nibbles missing)


3.  Key Lime


4. Apple.  I doubt there are many lists out there that don’t include apple pie.


5. Pumpkin Pie


6.  Pecan Pie



7. Meat Pies. This particular one was a pork and potato offering that I made, froze then pulled out later for a quick dinner.

8.  Berry Pie… just about any kind of berries tastes delightful when they’re baked between two sheets of delicate pastry. This particular pie was a blueberry pie that my mother made for my birthday.

 9.  Berry Pie again, but this time single crusts with fresh fruits in glazes… such as strawberry pie, or in this case, raspberry pie.

10.  Cream pies.  I haven’t any pictures of a chocolate cream or coconut cream pies, but I do make them… and eat them. Maybe that’s why there aren’t any pictures. 

Anyway, this is my pie list.  Cheers all!



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6 responses to “T.O.T. Pie for Pi

  1. That’s an awesome pie-crust pig on your pork-and-potato pie!

  2. Roxie

    You are a domestic goddess! And your pork pie deservers its own cover on “Gourmet” Magazine.

  3. Darlin’
    I’ll have pie with you any day of the week!

  4. Karen O

    I once had a recipe for a Lenten pie–it was all dried fruits (raisins, prunes, apricots, etc) with some spices (cinnamon, ginger, anise). It was filling and yummy for those Fridays where meat is forbidden, or for those days when you look in the freezer and find that you don’t have any more hamburger… I made it a few times and it was really good!

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