T.O.T. Spring!

This week’s Ten On Tuesday topic is “Ten Reasons To Be Glad It’s Spring”.  In spite of the calendar’s insistence, we’re still waiting for spring to spring here.  The sight of a few daffodils and crocus’, interspersed with occasional glimpses of blue skies, have us yearning, but alas, it’s still chilly and soggy.  We know it’s coming though, and here are my top ten reasons to be glad of it:

(sorry everyone, these are all just old pictures pulled from the archives)

1. blue skies

2. kids spending more time outside

3. planting a garden

4. walks

5. longer days

6. when it rains, warmer rain

these fellows love warm rain

7. foliage adorning naked trees

We will go from this…

             to this in a few weeks

8. Easter

9. spring break

We almost always go to my parents’ house. They live near the beach and there is a lot for the kids to do while my DH and I visit with family and friends.

10. it’s closer to summer


Writing this post has sparked optimism into what might have otherwise been a dreary day.  I look forward to all the up-coming season has to offer.

It also happens to be my sister’s birthday today.  Happy birthday Jackie!



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4 responses to “T.O.T. Spring!

  1. I love how you put a photo with each entry. Very nice list.

  2. Great list & pics! Happy TOT!

  3. Roxie

    Amen sister! You are preaching to the choir here! It’s another season on the right side of the dirt.

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy birthday, Jackie!!! And, yes. It is spring and things are looking up;-D

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