Happy Birthdays!

March is birthday heavy in our family.  It seems you can’t throw a fork without hitting a cake… not that that’s a bad thing.  Sunday my BIL completed another orbit. 

On Tuesday my sister begrudgingly added another year (pictures from past years here).

Today is my mom’s, Karen’s and my DH’s late Aunt Peggy’s birthday.


Hope everyone is enjoying/has enjoyed their special days!



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3 responses to “Happy Birthdays!

  1. Happy birthdays. My BB’s birthday is in March. Busy busy month. Take care, Sweetie!!!

  2. Karen O

    Thank you! This morning my youngest presented me with three gifts: a drawing, a coloring and a note; DH left a card and two bricks of chocolate on my computer. A good day so far!

  3. Roxie

    Lessee – nine months ago – -June. Yep – the ground has warmed up enough for outdoor romance! No wonder that there are so many of us March babies.

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