“So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”

My girls have watched “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” about a bazillion times over this past week.  My younger two girls, in particular, think that it’s just hilarious.  My parents stopped by on their way home from a drive-about this morning and as they left A3 called out, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” 

Speaking of A3, she’s gained 7 pounds in the past two weeks!




Over the past several weeks we eased milk and gluten back into her diet with no problems, so it’s business as usual, minus the ADHD meds.  She seems so much happier and healthier…but  she’s also very hyper and having a hard time being in the classroom.  She gets into trouble for humming, tapping, blurting out, etc. Her teacher is wonderful and is working hard with us to find ways to help A3 learn to self-manage.  I’d walk for miles on rusty razor blades if that’s what it would to help my her, but there is no way in hell I’d ever let my daughter take stimulant medication again. It may work for some people, but not for her.

The weather is trying to improve.  Squalls pass overhead, complete with hail and occasional thunder, but now they’re followed by sun breaks. 

This was taken from our back porch.  Behind the rainbow the clouds are a tumultuous, precipitation soup. There’s also a faint double rainbow, but it doesn’t show up well in the picture.  It looks like A2’s hay bales she uses for target practice have blown over and need replacing too.  I’ll break up the old ones and use them in the garden.  Speaking of which, this year I plan on rototilling about half of the back yard  (shown above) and converting it from lawn into a garden.  Grass is useless. Mowing sucks. Enough said.

 D.C. (the neighbor cat, who is by and large neglected by his oblivious owners) has been completely covered with mats again. They are so bad that he’d require sedation to remove them. It’s impossible to tell where the mats stop and the kitty starts. One day last week when he showed up for his breakfast I was able to cut a large dangly tangle from his neck. 

The poor old feller kept stepping on it while trying to walk.  I think he was grateful. When the weather is truly warmer and dryer again then I’m going to walk next door and suggest several different groomers that his owners can take him to.  He sleeps outside though and right now he needs his coat, such as it is, to keep warm.

Keeping warm isn’t an issue for Steven.  He’s put on a few extra layers of “warmth” over the past few months and he loves watching nature from his comfortable perch.

My free time is almost up for now.  I’d love to grab a cuppa then sit down to work on this.


However, grading papers comes first.

Blech!  I doubt Deep Thought could even decipher this nonsense.



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4 responses to ““So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Thanks for the catch-up. A3 looks fabulous!!!!!!!! I’m thrilled for you. I hope you can find a way for her to focus without any medication whatsoever. The socks are pretty. Steven looks quite comfortable, doesn’t he? Your back yard could use a garden. Hugs, hunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hitchhikers and the following 2 novels Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul were the only books my dyslexic daughter would read when she was a teenager.

  3. Roxie

    A3 now looks like a Frood who really knows where her towel is.

    When you have a backyard the size of a paddock, vegetable gardens do seem a reasonable option. But gardens, you know, take daily care, and the lawn needs to be tended only once a week or so. And then there’s the canning, pickling, and the unending quest for something else to do with all those damn zucchinis . . . Are you sure you’re up for the project? Heck, you could put in a Christmas tree farm on that much property. Or keep a horse. Or several Shetland sheep. Chickens? A nice little nanny goat? (No billy goats. They use their own urine as cologne to make them more attractive to nannies. Ewwww!)

  4. Karen O

    I know that you have missed having a large, lovely garden full of fresh veggies and will love tending it. So much more relaxing than mowing grass!
    A3 looks WONDERFUL and will, in time, learn to manage her outbursts. Personally, I think teachers are so stressed out from all the work they have to do that their nerves are too shot to handle the handfuls of energy like A3 and Ben. Delightful kids, but not for the faint at heart!
    Give all the girls my love! Hi to your DH!
    Also, are you going to be around Easter weekend or the following couple of days?

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