WTF Wednesday

WTF Broken:  The on/off button on my camera is broken.  As a result, my usual crappy pictures are being supplemented by blurrier, even crappier pictures taken with my cell phone. 

WTF Dogs vs. Cats: By now most people have seen the video of Denver, the Guilty Dog.  It ranks way up there on the “Aw” meter for cuteness.  The part where she looks at the camera with that cheesy grin is heart melting. 


I just want to reach through the screen and give her a big hug and a peck on her little pooch head.  We don’t have dogs, we have cats. You’ll find no such remorse at our house.  Even when the culprit is caught red-handed committing a crime he remains arrogant.  It’s hard to get much more indifferent than this.

WTF Sicko: Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t dwell on my stats page.  Several days ago I was checking to see which posts had been visited when I noticed that in the search section of my stats that someone had used “Naked kids and Cream Pies” to find my site.  What kind of sick and perverted weirdos are out there?  I hope the person was duly disappointed at finding nothing more than blather about knitting, etc. 

WTF Marketing: The upcoming royal nuptials in England have peddlers hocking everything from replicas of Diana’s old ring to china.  Not only are most of the wares over priced, but they hold zero interest to me… except for these Pez dispensers. 

 Handout photo of commemorative Pez dispensers to celebrate the wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton

They’re set to be auctioned off on ebay and sure to sell for an exorbitant amount.  Still, I find them much more appealing than a commemorative plate.  They’ve given William a James Bond type look and I think Kate is wearing Monica Lewinski’s dress (the latter of which may have you double-thinking the idea of eating white candy from her waist).  If you want to bid, then  the auction opens on April 7 and closes on April 17.

I still have the sinus thing going on.  It’s been two weeks and I intend on calling for an appointment as soon as time permits. Maybe now the HMO will dole out some of their precious antibiotics.

Cheers all!



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6 responses to “WTF Wednesday

  1. Roxie

    If the phone call won’t get you in, you could always go and sneeze at the receptionits person till s/he fits you in just to get you out of their airspace. If you need support, bring all the girls with you and encourage them to be loud and cantankerous. And give them sticky, melty chocolate bars so they can smear dirty hands on the furniture.

  2. Karen O

    Good plan, Roxie!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Although I completely understand your dog/cat issue it is merely because you do not have a dog. They are bigger and messier and more expensive. Besides, Steve is a great guy and snuggles and loves to make up for his “busyness”. Get well quick, girl!

  4. I have a used Canon you can have. Works fine, don’t think Dave has the box anymore but if you want it I’ll box up the parts I do have and mail it your way.


  5. Actually now that I can look, the camera is a Pentax A20. 10 mp. Want it?

  6. Not being a “Royalist”, I haven’t much interest in the wedding except that everyone gets a holiday!
    So glad A3 is showing such positive signs and has a thoughtful teacher too. Now it’s your turn to get better. I hope it’s soon.
    Cheers Gillian

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