Spring Break Randomness

The time visiting my parents was great.  I’m so thankful that we live close enough to get out there, even if it’s not as often as we wish.  The week before we left for the trip, the on/off button my camera broke.  By “broke” I mean that it fell apart into several pieces, some of which were lost within the bowels of the camera, while a few others lay in crumbled bits on the table.  It was not repairable.  Of course I whined about it, that’s what I’m good at.  What I didn’t expect was that Susan would send me a digital camera she had at her house. Holy moly Batman!  She mailed over a compact Pentax, complete with a carrying case, USB cables, a rechargeable battery and a charger.  I plugged in an SD card and tried to take pictures, but I couldn’t make it work. I recharged the battery from the camera, but I still couldn’t make it work.  I can’t stand to be without a camera and the thought of taking a road trip without one was incomprehensible.  In desperation I ran over to Fred Meyers the morning we were leaving and bought a new camera.  The new camera worked wonderfully and I even managed to take a few moving pictures with it.  After getting back from the trip Susan emailed me with some ideas about the camera she had sent.  She mentioned that maybe I should try using the second rechargeable battery in the side pocket of the case… Doh! I switched batteries and the camera came on, ready to go!  I feel like such a schmuck.  So now we have a second camera here. Thank you Susan.  I am so grateful and appreciative of what you’ve done. A1 and A3 (A2 has her own) have been taking pictures like it’s nobody’s business.  I’d love to take a road trip this summer to eastern Washington to return the camera in person.  No, I’m not just looking for an excuse to go play… okay, so maybe I am.

When we drove back from the coast we opted to go down through Astoria then drive up the Columbia River on the Oregon side.  The following picture was taken as we crossed the Astoria bridge.  I’ve never seen the river mouth looks so calm and peaceful.  Even through the car window it was gorgeous.

Once we were home and unpacked some spring chores were started.  I sorted through my yarn  stash and managed to bag up, label and organize everything that I kept.  This lovely collection of yarn and project bags was my latest acquisition from Dave’s shop.  It’s beautiful and I want to make a shawl out if the yarn.

On a side note, it arrived on the same day as his seasonings.  I highly recommend them and they are quite a bargain. There’s a lot of punch in those little cans.  So far we’ve made some wonderful meatballs and chicken soup that was simply to die for.

One of the goals I had for the break was to try to finish up a few UFOs.  I completed a pair of plain socks using the Zauberball yarn. 

I’m glad that they’re done and they now reside in my wardrobe while they await a purpose.  I’m not terribly impressed with the yarn and I hope that it wears well.

I also finished knitting the main parts of my sister’s vest.  Finishing off the ten miles of I-chord edging will take some time.  I hate knitting I-chord, applied or by itself, but it does lend such a clean look to knitted items.

In addition to purging and organizing my yarn, I sorted through the girls’ closets, the bookshelves and kitchen cupboards as well.  When all was said and done 478 books (we counted them so we could deduct them from next year’s taxes), three garbage bags full of clothes, one large bag of yarn and other miscellaneous sundry items filled the van and were hauled off to the Goodwill.

We started some spring yard clean up as well. The remaining hedge was dug out of the front yard and I started moving edging stones to the front yard.  The rest of the stones need to be moved, soil brought in to back fill the flower bed and then lots of lavender bushes will be added.

 The goal is to have a new lavender-only hedge along the front of the house.  We need to have a load of topsoil brought in sometime. Not only for the flower beds, but so we can level out and replant parts of the front yard. The big cherry blossom tree’s roots are popping out and they’re getting damaged by the lawn mower blades.  I also want enough dirt to fill some raised vegetable beds (not built yet) in the back yard.

There’s so much work to do!  Another spring break is needed just to get it all done.  We never even looked at painting, yet the inside walls are in dire need of it.  Aack!  Tomorrow it’s back to work.  Maybe I’ll go crank out a few more inches of I-chord and try to relax. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Spring Break Randomness

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Yours is the most productive spring break I have ever heard of. Good for you, you overachiever, you!!! And, the yardwork is never ever ever done.

  2. I had a clothes clear out too. Every drawer was full to the gunnels, I never throw anything away – unless I go nuts and fill two garbage bags! I tried to say if I haven’t worn it for 2 centuries then it should go, mostly it worked. Went straight out and bought 2 Tshirts. Hooray.

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