Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten On Tuesday topic is, “Favorite Snacks.”  “Snack” can mean so many things.  It can refer to junk food mindlessly shoveled into gaping maws while watching movies. Other times “snack” can be a quick bite to eat after school or work. Then there’s my favorite… the “I’m awake at 1:00 am and the only way I’ll ever get back to sleep again is if I raid the pantry, refrigerator and freezer multiple times in search of something overlooked by my ravenous family or myself the last three times I checked here” snack.  For awhile I purposely subsidized the latter by “hiding” candy bars in remote places.  However, my girls are too clever and they soon learned to look behind the canned beans or inside the empty frozen waffle box.  We do keep carrots, cheese, apples and other healthy stuff here.  That’s what I try to make my kids eat when they want snacks.  But those don’t count as my “Favorite Snacks.”  Here’s my list:

1. Pico de gallo with chips: We have an excellent recipe for the pico, but seldom the time to make it. Because of this we usually buy the freshly made stuff from 

         Fred Meyers.

2. Movie Mix: This consists of buttered popcorn with M&M’s and Mike n’ Ike’s mixed together

3. Ice cream: Any flavor, the more toppings the better

4. Chocolate: No further explanations needed 

5. Cold Cereal: Just about any kind, so long as it’s not soggy

6. Cookies: These are especially good with tea. I try to bake every Sunday, which means that we usually have cookies up until Tuesday

7. Cake or Pie: We seldom have cake or pie in the house for longer than 12 hours.  If we do, then it usually isn’t very good.

8. Hummus: It’s good with chips, crackers or even vegetables (or so I hear)

9. Peanut butter: No bread necessary, thank you very much

10. Bread: Homemade breads are great for snacking, but not always available… see #6 for explanation




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6 responses to “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Ditto on #4 and #9. Sometimes a spoonful of peanut butter is all I need.

  2. I’d like to come to your house every Sunday, please!!

  3. Roxie

    Oh yum! And I’m trying to diet, too. Why do I get so bored with carrots so soon?

  4. Karen O

    Kaukauna cheese on pita chips. The cheese is made in Kaukauna (kaw-kaw-nah), Wisconsin, but a friend of mine once mispronounced it as a Hawaiian name (kaw-oo-nah-oo-nah), which gave us Wisconsinites a fit of giggles, so we now call it the “Hawaiian” cheese. That reminds me…I’m out of Hawaiian cheese.

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