Undeniable signs of spring are here.  One of our town’s police officers brought some critters to school for the kids to admire.  Here she is holding a wee lamb.

These giant Easter Eggs magically appeared in the Ridgefield round-about. 

That must have been a big chicken!

We had our first completely dry weekend this year. No rain!  That meant we spent hours outside in the yard.  We’re still trying to clean up after months of neglect. My DH set brick edging around the front garden beds.  He’s very methodical and precise in his stone setting. I pulled weeds and planted lavender.

There’s so much more to do that if I dwell on it too long, I may get discouraged and give up entirely, but at least it’s started. 

A1 needed a new bed because her old mattress was hurting her back.  She still had the bunk beds we bought ten years ago in her room.  They were convenient for overnight guests, but otherwise, completely impractical.   The new mattress, etc. arrives today.  Now we need to figure out what to do with the old beds.  They’re solid Ash wood, and very sturdy, but they’ve taken a cosmetic beating over the years. 

I’ll check at work today to see if anyone wants them.  If not then it’s either breaking them down and tossing them or trying Craigslist.  I don’t know how successful the latter would be because there have been news reports of  bedbugs showing up in the greater Portland area.  We don’t have any critters, but people are rightfully leery.

Speaking of critters and Craigslist, the parakeets are now with another family. It turns out that the person who answered the ad knew me from about 4 years ago because her boys went to the daycare center I used to work for.  I hope they thrive in their new home.


This is an old picture, taken after the female had feasted on shredded carrots and turned her face orange.

No new knitting was finished, but spring has set off a new wave of “I-wanna-make-that” that won’t be quieted. Strangely, there are even a few sewing items heading up the fevered list.  I want to make one of these for each of my girls and for me too.

Cover up dress

We aren’t planning any tropical vacation, nor do we have a pool to lounge near, but these dresses are adorable! 

Time to rouse the troops for another delightful Monday of education. Cheers!



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5 responses to “Sproing!

  1. Roxie

    I want the picture of you and the girls in your dresses!

    A free bunkbed should soon find a home. Lay on enough latex paint and no bug will stand a chance!

    Lambies Oh baby lambies! (You have delighted my inner 3 year old again.)

    By the way, the poem I wrote about A3 sliding down hill has taken honorable mention in a national magazine for writers. No money, but good bragging.

  2. PICAdrienne

    Those eggs look like they could have rolled there from Winlock!

  3. Karen O

    Silly–those colorful eggs were laid by a giant RABBIT! Sheesh! Don’t you know your Easter Lore?
    I’d love to see you in one of those dresses–you and the girls would look adorable in them! I’d look dorky…but then again, I wear 8th century Viking stuff, so who am I to talk?
    Love you!

  4. knitwonpurltoo

    Bedbugs shouldn’t be a problem with wood, so I’d list them. It’s just the mattress. Then, I’m sorry the parakeets had to find a new family, but I do understand. And, that “cover up” looks a lot like a sundress and would be adorable all summer long for all of you (except Brian)!!!

  5. Hasn’t rained here, to speak of, for over a month. The sun is lovely, and the clouds are even welcome as they look promising, but they lie. The garden is parched and the water butts [3] are running out..

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