Random Happenings

First off: Happy Earth Day! That rhymes with “Birthday” and cake should be enjoyed by all.

Second random thing: A3 has gained 16 pounds in the last 10 to 12 weeks since we took her off of Adderall! I’m not condemning ADHD medication for all children, but for her, it was disastrous. It’s like having a whole new kid!  We’re discovering that she’s rather silly and prone to fits of giggling that won’t stop.

Random thing the third: One of A1’s best friends and A1 being silly between events at a track meet.  There was even real sunshine!

A1 broke her personal record for Shot Put!

And another thing… randomly: an inside view, looking out the “front door” of A2’s fort that she’s building in our back yard. Steven loves the fort.


A random picture:  This is a large glass ball (old Japanese fishing float) found on the beach near my parent’s home.  Surprisingly,  it’s managed to survive many years in same house as my children.

Ironically, in all of the years that I lived there and walked the beaches in search of glass balls, I never once found one.  I bought this on eBay from people who just happened to find it while vacationing near my childhood home.  Danged tourists anyway!

Well, that’s about all the randomness I can muster.  Happy Good Friday/Earth Day/ End of the Week everyone!



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2 responses to “Random Happenings

  1. Roxie

    Yay for A3!! Are you still going gluten free? How was yourMRI?

    Hope Steven doesn’t mistake the fort for a sandbox.

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Karen O

    Horray for A3! I’m so glad that things are turning out better without the meds! I can’t wait to see you again! 🙂 K

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