37 Degrees?

Dang, someone needs to wake Mother Nature up with a cattle prod because it’s supposed to be SPRING!  At least we’re not being inundated with the horrific weather facing the southern states.  I do worry so about our friends and family living in the areas hit by the tornadoes.  But on a happier note, it’s FRIDAY!

The plain part of my Shawl D’ jour is almost done, but I’m going to need to buy some more yarn to complete the fluted lace border.  The entire shawl is being knitted on size 1 needles.  It will be very warm, but it grows rather slowly. I was rather surprised to see that Amazon now carries yarn (via a subsidiary shop, that actually mails it directly from their shop) and had some in stock.  This could be considered a convenience, or it could be just another Kiss of Death for smaller shops not hooked up with a giant retailer.  Time will tell.  I’m going to stick with buying from yarn stores.  I’ll call around to the Portland shops and see if the Yarn Garden, etc. has any in to justify an outing this weekend.

I’ve still not called to schedule the Lumbar Puncture test.  I’m just a little bit scared shiteless about the whole idea of the neurologist threading a tube through my vertebrae in search of a bundle of nerve tissue and then drawing out fluid.  She does this as an outpatient procedure in her office.  No anesthesia. Blood draws are different.  Blood can squirt out from virtually anyplace and  there’s a lot more of it.  When asked about the stories of horrific headaches following this procedure the Dr. said that she tells patients to just drink lots of water because pain killers won’t help. If water doesn’t cure the headache after several days  then she schedules something called a “blood patch” to cover the puncture area.  Definitely time to change the subject.

Did any of you stay up or wake up early to watch the royal wedding?  I checked out some of the pictures on-line this morning.  I thought that Kate’s dress was charmingly simple and tasteful.  I might look at pictures of the cake later, but my interest doesn’t go much beyond seeing the general goings on.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned. Cheers!



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4 responses to “37 Degrees?

  1. That procedure does sound intimidating as all get out, but do you have a choice? The procedure doesn’t sound as bad a recovery, but that is the worst case scenario, right??? I liked Kate’s dress, too. The wedding cake is magnificent and I’m done with it;-P Have a good weekend, kiddo!!!!

  2. Roxie

    Fingering yarn on size 1.s? Yeah, that would be a slow grower. You are a patient, patient woman!!

    Wonder how much different a lumbar puncture is from a spinal block? I had a spinal block for a c-section, and though it wasn’t something I want to repeat, it was bearable and not really all that complicated. I think we should make a hat out of condoms for your doctor, because she sounds like a dickhead. If she’s halfway competent, she won’t GET blood into the spinal fluid!

    How about another doctor? Would a second opinion be too much to ask?

  3. Karen O

    I watched the TLC coverage this morning with a cuppa tea and blueberry muffins (didn’t have any scone mix and I’m not sure what a crumpet is). I loved the dress, mostly because it wasn’t yet another sleeveless gown, which is all they show on the wedding shows now. Most of us “big” girls look terrible in sleeveless gowns.
    Good luck with the doc appt. Let me know if there’s something I can do.

  4. I’m with ya on the weather! This is definitely crap! It’s pouring buckets here, has been since last night. Surprisingly not too cold today. Tomorrow is supposed to be another story! If this keeps up much longer I’m going to need serious anti-depressants — or a lot of liquor!! Wishing you a great day, despite it all.

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