May is for Jokesters

Apparently concerns that Bonny was missing meals because of Steve’s ambush tactics were without basis.  Dear Bonny (who instigates her own fair share of kitty drama) is definitely not wasting away, as evident in the following photo.










She’s known for trying to lure people in by exposing her tummy, but in the millisecond it takes to reach down for a pet, she attacks with lightening-fast speed.  The unwary have been known to retreat with little more than a bloody stump for their efforts. 

We had one full day of sunshine on Sunday, then Monday afternoon also showed off some blue skies.  Our cherry tree is in full bloom too, so it feels like spring and the people in our house are in considerably better spirits. 








It’s easy to tell when everyone here is in a good mood. Practical joking hits all time highs…


1. A strange mask found in cupboard above the refrigerator (hence the dust). I’ve no idea where this mask came from or what it’s supposed to be.

2. Horrible little clown heads stuck into my knitting, these were left over cake decorating fodder which belonged to my late MIL.  We have a fair-sized bag of choking flotsam intended to adorn cakes quite hideously.

and lows. 

This whoopie cushion trumpeted his last “hurrah,” butt not before greeting many a surprised backside.  The girls immediately arsked me for another.  Perhaps hind-sight is 20/20 and they’ll use a new one more discriminately.

I’ve knitted, frogged, knitted and frogged, and yet done it again, trying to beat the edging on my shawl-in-progress to meet my standards (not that my standards are all that high), but nothing has been “just right”  yet.  The girls have scheduled activities all save one day this week after school.  Perhaps on that day, given a little luck, something acceptable will emerge.  I hope everyone has a great first week of May. Cheers!



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4 responses to “May is for Jokesters

  1. Dave D

    I think Bonnie and Dusty correspond during the day. He does that same pose while I’m making dinner. There he is, in the middle of the kitchen floor, belly up and giving “the look”. There must be some sort of secret cat network…

  2. Roxie

    Love Bonnie’s stylish polka dots! Oh, those aren’t polka dots, are they?

    Good luck with the edging!

  3. No home is complete without a working whoopee cushion and rubber chicken.

  4. I know all about evil cat tactics.

    And I agree with CindyCindy. In my opinion a whoopie cushion should be on Martha Stewart’s list of household essentials. The rubber chicken is a nice touch, but not mandatory.

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