Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends and family out there who have had a hand in the raising of little people and have helped mold them into better, bigger people.  My own children are still works in progress and success is still pending, but I’m hoping for the best.

This past week passed quickly.  Here are a few mundane happenings from each of the days…

Monday:  The PTA at the school I work for recognized Staff Appreciation Week.  There were special gifts each day, not only for teachers, but for everyone who works at the school.  In addition to the much appreciated, daily gifts, there were special drawings for some bigger, grand prizes.  My name was drawn on Monday for this basket crammed full of Italian culinary delights.  A recipe for Puttanesca sauce with penne pasta was included and it made a delightful dinner.

Tuesday:  The sunshine we enjoyed on Monday took a sabbatical (it’s been quite lazy lately and is danger of being fired). The  strong winds that blew in  the clouds began to strip  the long-awaited cherry blossoms, creating a pink carpet that blanketed the yard and driveway.

Wednesday: I finally finished the shawl that had been giving me trouble for the past month.  Originally it was going to be large… bordering on earning the title of “almost blanket/throw”, but in a fit of disgust I frogged the miserable failure back to the stocking-net stitch area (there had been about 5 inches of staggered eyelet-style lace prior to frogging) and a simple lace edging replaced the previously planned elaborate trim.  This is a thank you present for A3’s teacher.

Thursday:  I picked up A1 and her friend following a track meet and heard the oft-heard cries of, “We’re hungry!”  A1 had been sent on her merry way that morning with a double lunch, intended to nourish her for the day’s entirety.  Both she, and the other girl, insisted that they would waste away before reaching home and that betwixt the two of them, they had enough money to create a gourmet meal from McDonalds, if I’d only find it in my heart to stop.   This was my first introduction to the McDank. 

The McDank is created using two items from the Dollar Menu, a McDouble and a McChicken.  To make said sandwich, open up the McDouble between the two patties.  Set the McChicken sandwich on top of the bottom part of the sandwich. Put the top half of the McDouble on top of the McChicken, smoosh the whole thing down flat, then eat it.  The girls insisted that McDanks are best washed down with a combination of Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sierra Mist and rootbeer.  Apparently these gastronomic “delights” are quite popular right now.

Friday:  After school A2 and A3 fixed me an early Mother’s Day tea party, complete with tea, toast, crackers with turkey and cheese, mixed potato chips and cake. It was a delightful tea!

Saturday: Other than an early morning grocery store trip and intervals of switching out laundry the day was quite laid back.  A1 had an invitational track meet.  A2 and A3 played both inside and outside (dodging out during sunbreaks) and B even enjoyed some well-deserved down time.  An end-of-the-year present was started for A2’s teacher too.  She’s a huge Harry Potter fan.

The mandrake still needs a full head of greenery and some root reinforcement.  Knitting each of the little leaves is quite tedious.  A2 is going to paint care labels and warnings on the pot before the beastly babe is crammed into his pot with a layer of “soil” consisting of brown roving.  A pair of fluffy pink earmuffs is enroute and they’ll be presented along with the shrieking shrub.

Sunday:  My Dh (B) made everyone omlets for breakfast.  We lounged about, other than one quick jaunt to Home Depot to price garden box materials.  On the way home we stopped by Dairy Queen for dipped cones.  Dinner at home rounded out this Mother’s Day.  Trying to dine in restaurants has always proved disastrous on past holidays.  The Madding crowds usually result in poor service, cold, or incorrect food orders and everyone feeling stressed out.  A1 generously offered to make McDanks for the family.  I politely declined because I didn’t want her going to all of the trouble.  Cheers!



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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Erin Caudill

    The McDank sounds horrible but I just LOVE the Mandrake!!! That’s fantastic!!! Please post pics when it’s completed.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    Anything labeled McDonalds turns my tummy. The Mandrake is fabulous, girl. You rock. Your weekend sounds just lovely.

  3. Roxie

    Ahh, McDonald’s – home of the yummybun. Mostly whitebread with mayo, grease, faux cheese, fried protein, and a token lettuce. Makes me fatter just thinking about it.

    The mandrake is magnificent. Hmmm – sounds like a comic book character.

    The tea makes my heart hop up and down! What sweet girls!

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