Steven In a Pickle

Steven always seems to get himself into strange predicaments. This morning we heard bedlam and chaos breaking loose outside. We discovered that Steven had climbed up on the roof to check out some blue jays. They have a nest under one of the eaves and they did not appreciate having a feline coming to visit. He was pretty shaken up from all of the dive bombing and pecking. When we finally got him down and back inside he was quite subdued. I apologize for the loud voices, the girls and I were trying to coax him down. I sound like a harpy with a megaphone.


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3 responses to “Steven In a Pickle

  1. You so do NOT sound like a harpy. And, what a goober that cat is. At least he has the sense to come down when you coax him!

  2. Roxie

    Poor little guy! He was just trying to be sociable. Hope his little feelers aren’t hurt too bad. You do NOT sound like a harpy. You sound like a calm, practical woman.

  3. Poor Steve!
    Blue Jays are evil.

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