Seeds and Plants

This afternoon I finally planted some seeds.  Because my seed basket was brimming with packets I thought I had everything needed, but there ended up being quite a few duplicates, as well as some really strange plant seeds that the girls picked out.  Another trip out to buy more will be needed unless we want to eat the same 8 vegetables all summer long.

I finished A2’s teacher’s mandrake plant and the fuzzy pink earmuffs showed up right on schedule.  A2 gave it to her teacher this morning. 


WordPress is making me crazy.  The bottom parts of my posts are just disappearing, even when I try to save drafts.  Also, when I’m typing and I get towards the lower part of the editing/writing box the lines of text that I’m typing begin stacking up instead of automatically returning to form a new line. Has anyone else had either of these problems?

p.s. I just realized that I look an awful lot like that mandrake, especially in the mornings with my hair sticking out! Isn’t life grand?



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9 responses to “Seeds and Plants

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    No. Not yet, anyway. And, the Mandrake rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave

    That Mandrake is AWESOME!
    As for the WP problem, go to YOUR PROFILE. At the top just below PERSONAL OPTIONS, there is a checkbox for VISUAL EDITOR. Check if unchecked, save your options. Go back and uncheck and save. For some reason the system farts out and I’ve found this helps to reset it.

  3. Roxie

    The mandrake (or womandrake as it appears to be) is too cool for school! You are a gem and a genius!

    It’s been such a cold wet spring. I admire your agricultural enterprise. (What are the wierd seeds? Loofah gourd? Giant pumpkins?) Have a grand day!

  4. I love the madrake. I haven’t the patience to do such detailed stuff.
    Glad you got Steven down safely. My Tigger is a bit frightened by the jackdaws when she is outside but she gives them stick from the safety of the inside of the landing window sill.
    Cheers Gillian

  5. Erin Caudill

    Love the Mandrake! Thank you for sharing! I’m gonna plant some veggies today too. I lease so I’m gonna have to container garden but I’m pretty darned excited!!


  6. Karen O

    I admire anyone who loves to garden. I want to, but when it comes to weeding and tending, I just get lazy and it turns into a big, overgrown mess. Love the mandrake! You knit up the craziest things!

  7. I always think I’ll get seeds started but there ends up being a lot of competition between that and spring bunny chores. Bunnies win. So I end up buying plantlets. In good years, the economics work out, but in the years when bugs or disease win, I end up spending about $60 for a yield of maybe $8 worth of veggies. At least the work in the garden is good for me.

  8. H P Leazer

    I love the knitted mandrake root, can you share the pattern or tell me where I can find it? Thanks

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