Houston, We Have a Problem

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I’m trying to make some dog sweaters for a friend/co-worker who has two itty-bitty Yorkies. They are seriously small, one of them only weighs six pounds! Originally I wanted to incorporate a bad-ass skull and crossbones motif on the back, but in order to do so I needed to find a pattern with a large enough stitch count to include the picture. So far, every one of the patterns with a large enough stitch count and in the x-small dogs category ends up big enough to fit Steven. I looked at some smaller, less detailed versions of the motif to put on a smaller sweater, but they honestly looked like blobs and they’re not something I’d want my name tied to.

Last night I stopped attempting to make the sweaters bad-ass all together and ditched the idea of turning the little woofers into Jolly Rogers. Even without that challenge I’m still not sure the sweaters will be small enough. Maybe I can coax Roxanne into trying one on. She’s bigger than the pooches, but she’s the smallest cat we have. More importantly, the least likely to scratch the hell out of me. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Houston, We Have a Problem

  1. Roxie

    Velcro. It sticks the sweater to the dog really good. Or you could do adjustable velcro fastenings. I do wanna see Roxie in a sweater, though.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I’ll help pay for the doctor bill to see a modeled shot;-P

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