Memorial Day 2011

Once again, my time management skills have been challenged, and I’ve failed to pass the test.  I’d like to claim training for a marathon, discovering a cure for cancer or some other epic and nobel cause as the reason for not writing regularly, but the truth is, I just suck. 

For this Memorial Day weekend we opted to stay home.  That is, the girls and I are staying home and catching up on a barrage of school projects. My DH went on a much-needed, estrogen-free outing with his BFF, Dan.  Together they will drink beer, listen to loud music, play video games, scratch, belch and bask in their manliness.

The flag holding bracket on our house was bent beyond repair in a wind storm so holiday decorations are limited to mini flags lining the sidewalk in front of our house.   I miss having Old Glory waving in full-sized majesty. 

I bought an indoor sign for the house, but the girls told me that it’s “Anti-social”, so it’s been moved to the kitchen area instead of being placed prominently by the front door. 

My revisions to the doggy sweaters have them fitting much better in the chest area, although my kitties are far larger than the dogs who’ll receive them.  Roxie was getting just a little fed up with modeling, as you can tell, so…

Steven wore the second sweater.  He tolerated clothing much better than Roxie did,  and I think she laughed while he was being photographed.  He’s probably planning to poop in my shoes.


The cold, dreary weather continues.  In spite of the rain there have been more signs of spring.  This bush outside of our office window is positively dripping with flowers.  I’ve no idea what they are.  The flowers aren’t very big and the bush is not an evergreen.  The blooms are fragrant, but not overpowering.  The only thing missing are a mess of honey bees to collect nectar.

My DH built me four 4’x 8′ cedar garden beds.  Two are filled and have been planted, while the others remain empty.

Because of the chill air and over-zealous rain the beds remain covered most of the time.  So far there are zucchini, pumpkins, spinach, cilantro, green onions, lettuce (mixed variety), sugar snap peas, corn, basil and a few mystery plants.


I hope to fill a third box with dirt tomorrow.  My Dh surprised me last week by weedeating the waist-high mess that used to be my old garden.  Unfortunately, he didn’t know where the blueberries, garlic, etc. were growing, so they were mowed down too.   He did see the rhubarb and raspberries though so they were spared.  I hope to move the rhubarb, the one blueberry bush stalk I found, and the butchered garlic to the third box.  Hopefully all will come back stronger than before and thrive in their new home.

The  long-awaited and long-dreaded Lumbar Puncture test was cancelled at the last-minute by my neurologist’s office.  This is very frustrating because not only did my DH take a day off from work, but now I need to wait another month for the procedure.  Bugger! I detest nasty medical receptionists with attitudes.

I’ve been spinning silk hankies during the past several evenings.  They are turning out quite “unrefined.”  The reason being, these are the silk hankies that arrived dirty and matted several months ago.  Hopefully they will even out some once plied.  Pictures may or may not be posted, depending on the success… or lack thereof.  

Happy Memorial Day to everyone who celebrates.  Cheers!




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4 responses to “Memorial Day 2011

  1. Dave

    Those poor cats!
    That is all….

  2. Karen O

    What? Dave didn’t identify the mystery plants? We have some that are similar, but have orange flowers. I don’t know what they are, either.
    I hate your doctor’s office more than you do, I think. You’d think they’d give you 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. knitwonpurltoo

    Looks alot like an azalea bush to me, but it’s really hard to tell. Gorgeous flowers. Your garden looks better than mine (currently non-existent) does. I’m sorry about the procedure, but I try to look at it as a gift. I’d rather they cancel than give me someone not as experienced or with a really bad attitude. Or sick. Or stupid. Hugs to you all, kiddle and Happy (and, grateful) Memorial Day!

  4. Roxie

    Steven looks like quite the dapper cat! Roxie just looks pissed. And your raised beds look awesome!

    You just suck? Snigger, snigger.

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